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All about MIDI Mobilizer II questions
by grabejud on 2012-04-19 21:16:30.5870

Hi, i happen to got interested with this interface but i cant get info in terms of latency for this adapter. Currently i have a china usb midi adapter that has latency issues when connected with my ipad 2 and my electronic midi drum, so i am looking at this option which is the Mobilizer II for its coremidi capabilities but i dont wanna waste my dough if i will just get the same issues with my generic usb midi cable. maybe some of you can shed light, else i will probably get a full on midi audio interface.

thanks in advance.

Re: All about MIDI Mobilizer II questions
by darealagentp on 2012-05-09 16:18:37.1900

Well, all received MIDI messages are time-stamped to an accuracy of one millisecond (1/1000 second) in order to preserve very accurate timing for all MIDI events.

The issue could've been your generic USB MIDI adpater, but the only question I have with that is... the iDevices don't use USB, so I'm not 100% sure how a USB-to-MIDI adapter would work with an iPad?

The MIDI Mobilizer provides low-latency MIDI stream transfer; optimally you'll be plugging the MIDI output of your electronic drum controller into the MIDI Mobilizer straight into the iPad. The more hardware devices in the signal chain, the more latency is added to the transmission.

Re: All about MIDI Mobilizer II questions
by grabejud on 2012-05-11 18:23:39.8700

Hi, thanks alot on clarifying things out specifically to the Mobilizer II. I might get one of this next weekend. will post a feedback here soon.

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