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How to open Pod X3 Live
by huevosplash216 on 2012-04-24 10:55:54

     I'm having a fairly frustrating issue with my pod x3 live. The volume pedal would always squeak as I use it. It's done this for a very long time. Typically a quick fix would be to loosen and then tighten the long screw-like thing (please pardon my technical ignorance) that holds the pedal in place. Unfortunately, I loosened it too much and the nut (or whatever it is) that keeps the screw-like thing fastened came off. So now my volume pedal has no friction to it when I use it making it very annoying to do swells. Even when i put the pedal down to 0% it just falls forward.

     Whenever i pick it up i can hear the nut and washer just sliding around the inside of the casing. I figured it would be an easy fix but its proving to be quite challenging to dissablemble it. I've removed all the exterior screws and can open it from the side slightly but it's being extremely stubborn and i don't want to force it open or whack it with a rubber mallet until it does.
     If anyone could let me know if there's some kind of step im unaware of to open this thing up it would be much appreciated.

Here's a picture to better illustrate what im talking about
(Don't mind the hairy leg lol)


Re: How to open Pod X3 Live
by huevosplash216 on 2012-04-24 10:56:51


Re: How to open Pod X3 Live
by johnpicton on 2012-04-25 11:04:21

A couple of things. Firstly have a look at this">"> This person shows an open X3L - he doesn't show how to open it but my thought was perhaps you could mail him directly. Secondly, in the meantime (and I know this is only a temporary solution) could you place something like a bath sponge under the pedal. There should be enough "sponginess" to allow you to depress the foot pedal and enough resistance to return the pedal back to where it should be. Just a suggestion.

Good luck with it. I am sure there will be someone who has taken theirs apart that will actually but able to answer your question. If not then please post again and I will have a go at opening mine up (it is out of warrantee) and see if I have the same difficulty.



Re: How to open Pod X3 Live
by Khaer on 2013-03-26 10:49:10

There are 2 phillips screws in the back, hidden in the "chasm" thingy. Unscrew them and it comes apart easily.

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