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Looking for a few tones...
by musicmaster69 on 2012-05-18 16:25:26

I have been trying to get a few tones for a few of the bands I enjoy playing with. I have an HD 500, I am getting close to finding the tone but something is still off. I am looking for tones for Thousand Foot Krutch (mostly their new album) and Bluetree (if anyone has ever even heard of them!) Does anyone have any information as to what they use for effects? Or even a tone file thats reasonably close!

Also do any of you experiance any tone differences between running off the headphones to connecting to a sound board? I find that the sound has a much more full tone in the headphones as compared to running directly into a sound system?

Re: Looking for a few tones...
by sprocideon on 2012-12-07 15:12:19

Hey musicmaster69, I dont have any tones personally to give you for those two bands specifically, but i'll try to help out the best that i can. I use a POD XT Live myself, and looking around here on customtone i've hard a hard time finding tones for bands such as Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, and Worth Dying For. Even typing in "Thousand Foot Krutch Guitar Tone" into google does little to no good. But here's what information i've been able to gather:

  • Thousand Foot Krutch has many guitarists come and go. Trevor McNevan is listed as the guitarist on Wikipedia, but if you notice they use different guitarists for their live concerts and their studio work. So it might be pretty hard to figure out one sound since every guitarist has their own preferences, tones, pedals, etc. Trevor is sponsored by PRS Guitars, so that gives you an idea of what he's playing with.
  • The more obvious info is that they're using humbuckers, high gain amps, and and drop tunings. For example, "Let The Sparks Fly" uses drop D (D A D G B E) and "I Get Wicked" uses drop B (B F# B E G# C#). So it would definitely help if you're using a guitar that was meant for a little more high gain work, and if you're using thicker gauge strings.
  • When messing around on my own patches I typically use these settings:
    • Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Studio with 498t and 490r pickups (standard pickups that come with the Studio model).
    • Strings: DR Drop-Down Tuning (Size: 12 16 20 38 52 60).
    • Amps: Crate XT65R and a Vox VT20+ (To me, the Crate sounds better for high gain work. It seems to handle more volume and distortion well. And i usually keep the amps clean with all the knobs set to 12 o'clock, that way the amp modeling effects from the POD come through without my own amp interfering).
    • Now for the patch itself. I 've downloaded this one recently and it sounds pretty good. I haven't uploaded any of my patches online, but i'll do my best to explain it in detail here. It might not be the best out there, but since there doesn't seem to be an overabundance of people uploading TFK tones it should be worth a shot.
      • Amp: Treadplate Dual
        • Drive - 2 o'clock
        • Bass - 1 o'clock
        • Mid - 1 o'clock
        • Treb - 3 o'clock
        • Prescence - 2 o'clock
        • Volume - 3 o'clock
      • Cab: 4x12 Treadplate
      • Mic: 1:57 on Axis
      • Room: 30%
      • Comp:
        • Thres:  -4db
        • Gain:  0db
      • Gate:
        • Thres:  -35db
        • Decay: 22%
      • EQ: Bypassed
      • Stomp: Screamer
        • Drive - 50%
        • Gain - 50%
        • Tone - 50%
      • Mod: Off. (Although if you're going for that "I Get Wicked" tone, it sounds like he uses a phaser for the intro riff when he plays it again around the 2:44 mark).
      • Delay: Off. (Not sure what he may be using, most likely some sort of Digital Delay).
      • Reverb: Brite Room
        • Decay - 50%
        • Mix - 50%
        • Tone - 50%
        • Pre - 50%

Well there ya go, i hope this helps a little bit. And if not, then at least i tried haha. As far as Bluetree, i've only heard one song from them that i know of. My church likes to sing "God of This City" every once in a while. But i would have no idea what gear they use. And as for tone differences between headphones and the sound board: YES. It's really weird, but when i plug my POD into the computer and download patches i get the same sort of difference in sound. High gain distortion patches that i hear through the headphones might sound really muddy and/or fuzzy, but once i download it and play it through an amp or soundboard it sounds fine. So my general rule of thumb when downloading patches is that i try to compensate for loss of gain. Ex: If a distorted patch sounds a little to loud and crunchy, but not over the top, it'll sound just right live. If the patch sounds like it has just the right amount of distortion through the headphones, then it might not have enough distortion once i play it out loud.

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