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XD-V Upgrades - Monkey Madness & Macs
by RonMarton on 2012-05-18 19:14:54

I hope this isn't too late for some users, but I've only just become aware of a superstition spread by a few Mac operators regarding the use of Line 6's "Monkey" app for the re-flashing of XD-V gear.

I'm referring to it allegedly being required that both the Mac OS's firewall and the protection application "Little Snitch" be switched off for Monkey to perform this.

Not true. (I've deliberately exercised great restraint by not using terms like "nonsense" and "bull****t".)

My MacBook Pro easily re-flashed eight XD-V70 receivers, eight TBP12 beltpacks and four THH12 handhelds with both Mac's osX firewall and "Little Snitch" fully enabled.

As ever, "Little Snitch" did offer its usual options in respect of "Allowing" or "Denying" a "foreign" (Line 6's) server/s access, but, once "allowed", all was well.

The performing Monkey flawlessly did the whole routine, receiving a standing ovation from the sellout crowd. A return season is much anticipated.

All jokes aside, allowing a computer to spend an unprotected period online is utter madness, Murphy's Law makes it eminently clear that the time required to download the upgrades will be all that's needed for an incursion of (possibly FATAL) malware.

For those Mac users who may be unaware of it, I can unequivocally recommend the absolutely trouble-free, Unix-based "attack-busting gatekeeper" application "Little Snitch". It comes from "Objective Development", who are a bunch of philanthropic Germans with roots in the "best code wins" Open Source community.

"Little Snitch" is a tiny (3.1 MB) app that sits in the background, only making a user aware of its presence when a "foreigner" appears at any access port. That being said, its toolbar-located tiny pair of "receive" (green) and "send" (red) bar-graph "data activity" meters are really handy gauges of network access, speed, capacity and general "health".

All this for once-only (future upgrades being free) fees that start from USD $29.95.

The 3.1 MB app downloads as a "three hours free" demo from here:

I paid for my lifetime license key (that grants permanent ongoing access) in 2006 and have been delightedly using (and upgrading) it ever since.

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