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POD HD500 randomly missing Program change
by Sanrek on 2012-05-29 02:56:13

Greetings everyone,

I'm posting this in hope someone could help us with a quite annoying problem I'll try to explain (Please forgive my sometimes approximative english)

In our band we're using a midi sequencer (in this case from a Korg Kronos) to send program change messages to automate the tone change for the keyboard as well as the guitarist.

It's set up like this:

Korg Kronos midi out -> Roland RD-700NX midi in, Roland RD-700NX midi thru -> Pod HD500 midi in

On the Kronos sequencer,

  • track 14 contains the guitar's program changes (with the initial Bank msb 0 lsb 4 message to select the correct one), assigned to midi channel 14
  • track 15 contains the synth's program changes (with the according bank messages too), assigned to midi channel 15

Obivously, the Pod HD500 midi channel setting is set on 14, and the synth one on 15.

I works flawlessy...expect that

for some unknown reasons the pod HD seems to ignore program changes on a totally random pattern (we can play the same song 3 times, 2 will be fine, the 3rd it will miss 1 or 2 PC out of 10), and we really don't know why or what could be the cause of the problem (the roland has never missed a single one in a year).

Things we tried/checked:

  • (Obvious first step, but it has to be said) Check the midi cables, and test with other ones
    The cables are perfectly fines and work with everything else flawlessly
  • Plug the pod HD-500 first in the midi chain (Kronos midi out -> pod HD-500 midi in, pod HD-500 midi out (set up in thru mode) -> Roland RD-700Nx midi in)
    Doesn't seems to affect anything, same problems, and we've noticing that on top of randomly "refusing" program changes, when it happens the pod-HD fails in transmiting the others channels to its midi thru too

  • Remove the CC#64 messages we we're using for tap tempo
    Seems to improve the situation a bit (less PC missed), but still not reliable.
  • Check if the midi messages are sent correctly by the Kronos
    Everything's perfectly fine (monitored/loged with midi-ox), and the roland rd-700 is the "living" proof it's working as it should be, at least for one device

I've been dealing with strange midi device behaviours before...but so far I really can't figure out what's going on and what's wrong (And how to fix it and make it reliable enough so our lead guitarist doesn't have to be ready to jump to his pedalboard in case the program change fails each time he needs to change his sound in a song), so in short...Heeeeeeeeeeeelp !

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