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Computer recording HELP PLEASE!!
by steeldragon_mark on 2012-05-29 09:33:13


Please, can anyone help me?

I have been playing guitar for around 30 years so I think I am fairly experienced in the old music department. However, I have always recorded in a professional studio and let the technicians do the technology stuff.

I now want to try home recording on my home PC.

But ".......I KNOW NOTHING!......." about computer recording.

I own:

various guitars, amps, Line 6 POD x3 LIVE, Mics, Midi keyboard (with USB, aquired a while ago and not used), Senheiser Headphones  and loads of different cables

Window PC running windows 7, pentium dual core 2.5Ghz with 1 GB of RAM.

Can anyone give me a brief rundown on any extra gear I'll need (recommendations appreciated) and where to start?

For example: Do I need an audio interface or will my POD X3 LIVE act my interface? If so do I plug my keyboard into the X3 or direct to the computer?

See, I told you I KNOW NOTHING!! lol

Thanks in advance.


Re: Computer recording HELP PLEASE!!
by silverhead on 2012-05-29 09:47:45

Here are some basics I think would help.....

For Audio recording:

You can use the X3 Live connected via USB to your computer. You will also need audio recording software. For audio only, you could use Riffworks T4 Edition. It is free and will get you some experience with the whole thing. You could also try Reaper - a much more feature rich program that includes MIDI capability and is very reasonably priced. Best value-for-dollar in the opinion of many here.">

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Ineither case you will need to configure your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation - your recording program) to use the X3 and its ASIO driver as your audio input/output device. You will figure out how to do that once you get your DAW installed and running.

When you get to the point of actually recording a track you may be able to figure it out without difficulty, but feel free to come back with more questions. The most important thing to understand is the different signals that the X3 Live sends to your DAW. You must select the appropriate one(s) for each track you want to record. Check the USB Recording section in the X3 Live manual.

Another thing to understand is that the X3 Live will become your computer's soundcard. You will need to connect your speakers (or headphones) to the X3 Live Outputs to hear any sound.

For MIDI recording:

You will need a separate MIDI interface connected to your computer. The X3 Live is not a full midi interface despite the fact that it has MIDI ports. You will plug your keyboard into the other midi interface, not the X3L. Reaper will recognize both the X3L and your MIDI interface device at the same time; some DAWs may not. Riffworks ignores MIDI - doesn't deal with it at all - but it is simpler than Reaper to get up and running. You may want to learn the basics of audio recording first using Riffworks, then move to Reaper when you want to introduce MIDI.

That should get you going. Let us know when you have other questions - you undoubtedly will!.

Re: Computer recording HELP PLEASE!!
by steeldragon_mark on 2012-05-29 13:28:13

Thanks. Will try this ASAP......

Re: Computer recording HELP PLEASE!!
by silverhead on 2012-05-29 14:54:58

Just another observation....

1GB of RAM isn't a lot for audio recording, especially if you are connected to the Internet with anti-virus/anti-spyware software running. If you experience stuttering and dropouts while recording or playing back your audio consider adding RAM to your system.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.