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A question about ohm and the line6 heads
by javi_bassist on 2012-06-17 08:45:17


I am new in this kind of things with my bass. I have always had a Line6 combo, and I really love the spund so I am thinking of buying a Line6 HD head. I read the manuals and they say "Only use a 4ohm speaker cabinet when running in mono. Only use 8ohm speaker cabinets when feeding a pair". I also read some discussions and I did not get the idea (some of them were really confusing). My question is, Can I use the line6 HD400 or HD750 with only one 8ohm speaker cabinet (getting of course less W)? I think I can since the line6 410 cab is a 8ohm cab, but I am not sure that's why I ask.


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