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XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by jantzen on 2012-06-19 22:14:07


I'm looking for a wireless microphone system and stumbled upon the LIne6.  It seems this is much better than the lowned Shure stuff.  But i have a question:

1) Sound difference between V35/55/75.  Are there any?  I noticed they all have different handheld transmitter, but is the signal path the same on all 3 of them, just different in wireless capability and modelling?

2) Are all 3 handheld transmitter compatible with Heil/Shure capsules?

3)  Sound difference between the older generation V30/V70 and this new generation?

The technical information isn't very clear on the page and I'd love to know the answers to the above!

Many thanks,


Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by RonMarton on 2012-06-20 03:26:20

G'day Jantzen...

By way of introducing myself, I'd like to make it clear that I'm neither affilliated with, nor have any particular loyalty to, Line 6. (Click on the pink pic at left for a bit of info about my background.)

I put this "up front" because we're in the "Land Of Opinion" here. (I'd like to think that we are a million miles away from the "Republic Of Hype"...)

In my opinion, there are currently only two other manufacturers out there who offer wireless signal paths (mic to receiver) that are as transparent as those of Line 6's XD-V systems. In other words, near as dammit CD quality from source to sound desk.

When comparing those two to XD-V systems, (taking care to only compare individual model combinations that are similar in range from transmitter to receiver) I find those competitors to be anywhere from one-third more expensive to double the price, with roughly half the features and flexibility.

It also seems that you need to pay roughly double the price for wireless mic systems that are as rugged and ergonomic as Line 6's, be they the latest generation spread-spectrum digitals or "older-tech" analog.

"Sound difference" from XD-V30 to XD-V75 ?

Aah, ...well, ...ahem, ...the answer to that one's a definite "Yes, No and Maybe"...

  1. Yes: Bottom of the range handhelds and beltpacks sound fabulous, but lack the comprehensively variable sound models and variable processing of the more expensive ones.
  2. No: The transmission path of any XD-V system exhibits the same crystal-clear, "un-squeezed" fidelity from source to receiver output.
  3. Maybe: If you only need shorter wireless range and aren't in need of more than six systems, then V30's will suit you really well, V35's if you need to avoid "treading on" WiFi or Bluetooth that's part of your set-up.

(I've addressed that last "maybe" issue as "sound difference" because inadequate range will result in "drop-outs" or no sound at all ...and that's a damn big difference !)

"Heil/Shure capsules ?"

The same threaded capsule mount (albeit coloured differently) is common to all the handhelds, ...however, my mind, the substitution of another maker's capsule is only ever required when it's absolutely critical to maintain the continuity of pre-existing techniques and monitoring.

These Community Support Forums are yet another "unique to Line 6" offering and you should definitely check them out before attempting any swap or spending extra cash.

Here's the latest discussion of the Heil:

Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by jantzen on 2012-06-20 08:42:58

Hi Ron,

Many thanks for the detailed reply.  Yes I'm well aware this is a land of opinion.  And yes I did read the other thread about the RC-35 needing the pad removed to sound its best.  And yes I've read many experience like yours on forums so I gathered that these line6 wireless is really good.  Btw, would you be so kind to name them? 

I actually have a PGX shure which i am very very disappointed with.  And from what I've gathered, the sound of the wireless receiver/transmitter is the same all through SLX/ULX.  It was unusable to me.

I've recorded a live show where the PA guys were using Sennheiser G3/935 series and the sound was good.  But I am not familiar with their system, or do I know of any processing they've done, so I can't form an educated opinion, but I suspect they are much better than the Shure.

Anyway, I guess what I'm really asking is, barring any interference and range capabilities AND modelling, are the signal path designed to be the same? i.e., if I turn off all environment filter and modelling (by inserting a foreign capsule), is the sound going to be the same 10feet from the receiver with no interference?

Are the preamp and encoder in the handheld identical?  Are the decoders in the receiver and the analog circuit after that the same by design?  These will help me make a purchase decision since I'm really only ever using it 10 feet away from the receiver max, and I'm not planning on using the models atm.



Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by RonMarton on 2012-06-20 17:02:45

I'm sorry if my "opinion" disclaimer offended you, Jantzen...

It was only ever intended to assist with your evaluation of my posts.

Now on to your further queries, in order...

Of the other sonically equal systems I had in mind, only AKG's DMS 70 and DMS 700 are fully digital and also feature spread-spectrum frequency diversity in the 2.4GHz WiFi/Bluetooth ISM band, very much along the same lines as Line 6's XD-V's. I've always loved the vocal sound from AKG's D5 capsule since its release, but you can buy four of Line 6's top-of-the-range THH12 handhelds for the price of a single AKG DHT 700.

The other operates in the 500-700MHz UHF band via what its makers call their "digital hybrid" system. It's from Lectrosonics and is available as either "six pack" rack mount "Venue" receivers, "twin pack" field receivers, known as "SR", or a single channel stand-alone R400a receiver. Lectrosonics' superb-sounding gear is even more compact, rugged and ergonomic than Line 6's, but you'll end up paying about three times the price once you've configured an equivalent system. 

I'm with you in greatly preferrring Sennheiser's "family sound" to that of Shure. The G3 system you mentioned is roughly the same price as Line 6's XD-V75 handheld package, but is an analog system operating in the ever more crowded 500-600MHz UHF band. To my ears, Sennheiser's mult-band companding is vastly more transparent than Shure's, but the G3's feature set is equally vastly inferior to that of the XD-V75. It has no modeling, adjustable dynamic processing or antenna splitting, and it's less rugged.

Moving back to Line 6's gear, ...from what you say, I think you'd probably rule out Line 6's XD-V30 and V35, as they have Shure modeling permanently engaged. Even though that modeling would be bypassed with a replacement capsule, I think some dynamic processing remains. That leaves the middle V55 and top V75.

(Broadly speaking, the V35's half the price of the top of the range V75, with the V55 sitting midway between them.)

As I set out in my earlier post, I regard all XD-V systems as being fully transparent from source to receiver output.

What the capsule puts out is what turns up at the receiver's rear panel.

Therefore the only decision that would seem to remain is whether or not you can justify the extra expense (in the order of $150 US) for the greater flexibility, processing and signal interrogation facilities of the V75.

I would urge you not to dismiss their value without first having tried them.

Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by jantzen on 2012-06-21 02:08:42

Hi Ron,

Oh NO NO!  No offence at all.  I just meant we all know that forums are "land of opinions" and that I can't exactly form my own conclusion until I've tried it.  And I am planning on trying it.  But for my needs, as long as there are no quality difference between all the models apart from the modelling technology and more robust wireless capabilities.  I believe the low end one will suffice for now. 

Many many thanks for the detailed reply,


Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by bazesax on 2012-07-15 17:28:05


I had a v30 system and used it with the heil rc35 capsule.

I upgraded to newer model v35 and I was shocked when I realized that the

heil does not fit with the new transmitter. now I have to sell the system.

I really don't know what is going on here.

the other dissapointment : there is not a suitcase for the system. not a big deal,

but why?!

btw, this system is not bad at all.

Re: XD-V35 XD-V55 XD-V75 and Shure/Heil Capsules?
by RonMarton on 2012-07-15 21:38:27

Hello again, bazesax...

It may be worth your while to re-check a "Heil RC-35 capsule fitting" thread to which you contributed a couple of months ago:

Along with the fact that the V35 seems to use the same model (THH06) handheld as the V30, the above discussion makes me think that the individual handheld that's giving you grief may have a defect in its capsule mount, ...along the lines of those reported (and since rectified) by penluis and chrispeters29.

Accordingly, if the system that's now in question is new, I would think that any such defect should be covered under warranty.

Regarding a case, even though the XD-V35 is ruggedly built for freestanding operation, you may still be able to pack, carry and operate it (along with its accessories) in something like this offering from Gator:

alt=""class="jive-image" src=""/><a target=new href="class="jive-image" src=""/>

Gator's GM-1W is generally available for just under $50 US.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.