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Question about HD 400 live connections
by Tyr3ll on 2012-06-21 21:00:25

Hi there, I recently bought a HD400. Loving it so far. Just a couple of questions though, forgive me if they are obvious ones. For a live show I want to use DUAL mode and route the unbalanced 1/4" signal to an amp on stage and also have the balanced XLR signal sent to the PA/mixer. I'd just like to know what the best way to connect the Pod to the mixer is. What level is the signal from the balanced outputs at? Line, Mic or Instrument level? I've looked around in the manual for the answer but i cant seem to see it. Do i just connect the XLR's to the mic inputs on the desk? Is it possible to damage a mic input by sending it a line or instrument level signal? Again I appologise if this is obvious, just a bit paranoid about damaging gear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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