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Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by joemrios on 2012-07-02 15:20:30

Hello forum,

I recently purchased the PodHD 500. I play in a cover band that ranges in many genres of music and I believe the pod would be a great addiction to replace my rig since since many tones are involved. I play through a Marshall half stack and I don't want to use the pod as just an effects board. I want to utilize the different amp selections on the pod as I much as possible.

My question out there is, does anyone out here use this tool  in the live stage setting? If so what is the best way of hooking this up. I know theres a lot of bells and whistles to make it happen and I'm ready for the challenge. I'm browsing through the forums and I see the 4 cable method. I have an effects loop on my amp head so will that benefit me? I also concerned with volume settings. I want to be able to jump from patch to patch During songs that I don't want to worry about drastic volume changes.

Any bit if advice will be appreciated. Looking forward in becoming more active on these boards. Thanks!


Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by spaceatl on 2012-07-02 18:17:32

I suggest a gradual approach...4CM can be a real pain in the arse...It is the most flexible and if you love your JCM preamp, certainly that is a place to go...Personally, I would not do 4CM with an HD500...I would do it with an HDPro and an FBV...But that is just because I don't like running so many cables between the pedal and the backline...

Anyhoo, I would suggest you hit the FX return on the Marshall to start with and use it as a power amp...choose combo power amp or stack power amp mode (whichever sounds better to your)....Your Marshall is Class AB so I would say use the PRE versions of the CLass AB type models (Park, Treadplate, Twin, Hiwatt etc...) and use the FULL models of the Class A types (Vox, Dr Z, etc...)....Setup the chain just like you would a normal pedal board...Building up tones from scratch is the best way to learn the unit...after you get some patches is very easy to migrate to that point you will jsut be focused on getting the loop and gain staging less thing...One disadvantage of 4CM is that you lose an FX block...using power amp in you get all 8 for stomps...Something to consider...

Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by joemrios on 2012-07-02 20:40:57

Awesome!! I will do that. Now how about the volume? How do I make sure that my volume stays the same when I switch patches?

Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-03 00:37:22

spaceatl wrote:

One disadvantage of 4CM is that you lose an FX block...using power amp in you get all 8 for stomps

Take another look.   You do lose the effect block when you are running with the real pre-amp (.i.e. true 4CM) but when you are using a modelled amp the FX Loop Block doesn't need to be included in the patch.   In practice, your setup is identical to a direct connect into the power amp. 

Space is right - 4CM is fiddly to get working in the first instance but you can get some great results - I declare that this is how I run my HD500 90% of the time with my Marshall JVM Combo.  The great thing is that I can use both the real JVM pre-amp tones  (which I love) and modelled amps to add to them.   For example:  I have an AC30 patch which I like a lot but which is modelled cause the JVM does not do that one ! 

With that said:  If you can find all the tones you want for gigging on the HD500:  plugging direct into the JCM Power amp is much simpler than 4CM and you should probably go that way.  Details on 4CM here if you want them.


Onthe volume matching thing:  it is a manual process:

  1. Setup your amp and turn up to rehearsal room/gig volume.
  2. Set the Master knob at around 3-O'clock
  3. Choose your quietest patch and make it loud enough, using the 'Volume' knob  and the Mixer. 
  4. For each other patch that you use:  adjust the volume knob so that it matches the level that you set your quietest patch to.

The master knob is not all the way up cause this gives you a little extra boost for all patches if you need it during the soundcheck etc.  Be aware that effects after the amp block and mixer will be driven harder by boosts on the volume and mixer controls. 

Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by spaceatl on 2012-07-03 04:09:27

Thanks Jim, I should have written that a little more clearly...My meaning was in terms of patches where toggling the anlog preamp to a modeled preamp within the same patch or the analog PRE is enabled where you lose a block....Certainly, patches intended to always be modeled would not lose the block...I think I alluded to that, but not clearly...

Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by spaceatl on 2012-07-03 04:13:46

If you start with the power amp in approach....once you get a bank of patches together...set the master volume on the POD and the amp at a heathly level...switch between your patches only adjusting the channel volume until you get the patches leveled...The mixer can also help with this too...

Re: Marshall jcm 2000 and PodHD 500
by joemrios on 2012-07-03 09:51:46

Thanks Jim and spaceatl! Let's see how it goes. I may have more questions later! Again I appreciate your help!

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