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X3 Live Footswitch Lights Not Working
by jimvirchow on 2012-07-13 10:59:14

The top bank of lights quit working on my X3 Live. After reading all the posts about footswitch problems on older units, I was sure that was the problem. I called Line 6 Customer service and found out that my unit was a newer model and therefore not covered by the lifetime warranty. Figures. I explained that the footswitch function worked, just the lights didn't. Plus it was the entire bank, not just one so I was pretty sure it wasn't the footswich itself. The Rep went and talked with a Tech who had seen it happen before. Remove back cover and make sure connector is firmly attached on that bank. Sometimes a bump can cause it to come apart. Sure enough, that was the problem. Saved me a buttload of aggravation and down time. Thanks Line 6 customer service and tech support.

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