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XD-V 30 Microphone completely broke at Battery capsule
by kingdomtechs on 2012-07-17 14:18:37

Ok, I first want to say that I love your XD-V Microphones! I purchased The XD-V 70 for my business last year to try it out...loved it. I then purchased 3 XD-V 30s as backup them too! I plan on purchasing 3 more XD-V 35s soon. Here in San Diego, I help a lot of Churches with their sound systems. It's part of my business. I have purchased quite a few XD-V 30s and 35s for various Churches...I push the Line 6 brand of microphones to them and they trust my opinion.

HOWEVER, I get a call last week from one of my clients and they give me an XD-V 30 mic that's completely broken at the battery capsule. They say that they tightened it up and it broke. I have a pic. Is there any way to fix or replace this?



Re: XD-V 30 Microphone completely broke at Battery capsule
by dboomer on 2012-07-18 07:59:20

Yes ... contact out service department (contact us link below)

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