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Connecting Pod HD500 to 2 amps when only 1 is a DT-50
by DerekHassan on 2012-07-20 10:19:26

I have the dream rig. JTV-69, HD500, and a DT-50 212. The DT-50 is the newest addition to my rig, and so far so good. Takes a long time to dial in awesome tones through the HD500, but once you do it sounds sweet. I have an early 80's Marshall JCM 800 2x12. I've had this for a long time, and will never get rid of this amp. Right now, I'm using an ABY switch to connect the two amps, and have my analog pedalboard going to the JCM 800, and running to the A portion of the ABY switch. Then on the other end is the Pod HD500 connected to the DT-50 using L6 Link. This is connected to the B portion of the ABY switch. I often have both amps going at the same time.

I am looking to take these two amps stereo through my HD500. I know I can lose the ABY switch once I get this right.

Since I would really prefer using the L6 link to the Dt-50, this is not as simple as hooking up the amps to their respective right and left unbalanced outs.

I haven't messed around with this idea too much so far, but I did try hooking up the DT50 through the L6 link, and hooking my Marshall up to one of the unbalanced outs. I set which one would be Amp A (DT-50) and which would be Amp B(Marshall). On the Amp B part of the signal chain, I put it to amp disabled. THIS IS BECAUSE I WANT NO AMP MODELING GOING TO MY MARSHALL. Just my marshall tone with my analog effects via effects loop in pod. I only want this stereo setup through my HD500 because I'd like to use certain stereo effects that the HD500 offers on both amps, such as ping pong delay.

I ended up with my analog pedal board running through the effects loop in the HD500. Then the effect loop was placed in the signal chain of only Amp B, which is the Marshall (The disabled amp model explained above. I don't need any of those analog effects running to my DT-50). So I figured with this setup, I should be getting my normal tone through the marshall, as if it was hooked up normally with no Pod. But hooking it up this way was giving me a harsher, higher end tone through the Marshall, even though none of the analog effects were on, and none of the effects on the HD500 were on. It did not seem like there was a true bypass. The tone was changed through the pod, even with nothing on.

Long story short, I am looking for the best way to hook up my HD500, a DT-50 via L6 Link, a Marshall JCM 800, and an analog pedal board. 

Once again, please don't suggest going into the Effects Loop return of my Marshall via 4 cable method, because I do not plan on sending any amp modeling to it. I want my classic Marshall tone. I only need to implement that into this stereo rig so I can use a couple stereo effects such as ping pong delay, and so on.

Thanks in advane for your suggestions.

Re: Connecting Pod HD500 to 2 amps when only 1 is a DT-50
by phil_m on 2012-07-20 10:50:23

The big reason this is going to be tricky is that when you hook up the DT-50 to the HD500 with L6 Link, the output mode will automatically change to Combo Front. This will change the tone in both tone paths even if you have no amp modeling in one. The one workaround would be to use the HD500's effects send as an output to your Marshall, but that might mean having to change your effects order. I just can't see a way right away that will make this setup work in a way you want it to.

Re: Connecting Pod HD500 to 2 amps when only 1 is a DT-50
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-21 03:08:24

I think Phil has probably hit on the best option here.  

You run the cable from the FX Send on the Pod, to your pedal board then directly into the Marshall Input without returning to the POD.  The Loop goes in channel B and the amp model in channel A.

It would mean thought that you have to run your ping pong before the split though so yeah, compromise on FX. 

Re: Connecting Pod HD500 to 2 amps when only 1 is a DT-50
by DerekHassan on 2012-07-23 08:58:05

Thanks guys,

I was just hoping there was an option I missed.

I have not tried using the effects send as the output. I just assumed that it would give me the same result as what I described above using the effects loop to my analog effects and back into the pod, and one of the quarter inch outputs to the marshall.

I'll give that a try next time I have the chance. If I have any luck, I'll post about it here.

Thanks again.

Re: Connecting Pod HD500 to 2 amps when only 1 is a DT-50
by DerekHassan on 2012-07-27 07:52:18

Using the effects send seems to yield the best results for what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the tip.

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