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Toneport UX2 (best prac) & Effects Pedals Query
by dntfeedthemnkys on 2012-07-29 18:49:20

Hi Ppl.

So, I'm a bit useless. Better get that out in the open at the start.

I bought a UX2 years ago and, aside from the odd tinker here and there, I never really used it.

But in recent weeks I've been completely bitten by the bug and completely loving it, running it almost daily.  So I'm keen to learn how to use it best.   Firstly, I'd like to describe my setup, so hopefully you guys can help me workout the best way forward.

I'm running a Toneport UX2, connected to a (6yo) Macbook that runs Snow Leopard, via USB.  I use the Toneport as the primary input and output for the Macbook (the macbook isn't used for any other purpose other than toneport/garageband these days) and I am running the latest version of Garageband on it and Gearbox.

My setup is:

Condenser Mic into the Mic 1 slot.

Guitar into a pedal chain... ending with a Boss ME-50.   I have the option of running an output from either the left (mono) channel of the pedal or the "line out" channel.  The line-out provides an "amp-like" effect.

I have all patches/filters/effects turned off in gearbox and garageband, simply selecting Mic & Instrument as the inputs in gearbox and then set each input to their own "tracks" in Garageband.

I've noticed that I get the best sound from going "Line out" on the ME-50 to "line 1 in" on the Toneport.  However, I can't get dual tones (Line and Mic) running simultaneously that way.

So the backup option is to go left (mono) output to instrument 1 on the toneport.

Is there any way I can get the "line in" and "mic" to run as dual tone?  I'm wondering how others have got their personal setup running?  Do you have any ideas, tips, advice on using the device better?

Thanks heaps!

Re: Toneport UX2 (best prac) & Effects Pedals Query
by hulbert on 2012-07-30 02:40:32


   From what I remember (and I have tried it again just to check), the ux2 and I think most other similar devices, only allow mic +mic, or mic and instrument input.

I've just realised that you are talking about gearbox. I haven't got gearbox running so I am not sure about it but I am fairly certain the inputs are the same as Pod Farm

Options could be to get a transforming box to change the mic signal to line level and put it into one line in and the boss into the other line in, although you might be running the boss into left and right line ins? Therefore it wouldn't work unless you went with one channel only from the boss.

Another option would be to get some box which changes the line level of the boss down to instrument level and run it into the instrument input. Mic and instrument inputs work as dual tone.

Or you could convert the line level from the boss to mic level.

Or  the instrument output of the boss to the instrument input of the ux2.

This page gives a bit of an explanation of the differences:

Here'san example of a thing that converts I think line level to mic. I don't know your mics specifics etc. but I think this might be ok...I haven't tried these...maybe best to have a look round or ask a shop what is best for converting line to mic (if you want to go line to mic).

Ihope this gives you a few options to consider.

God Bless,


Re: Toneport UX2 (best prac) & Effects Pedals Query
by Triryche on 2012-07-30 05:40:44

+1 to hulbert.

Unfortunately you as soon as you select Line1 or Line2 on the UX2, it disables the mic and instrument inputs.

You could run the Boss into the Guitar Pad input of the UX2, this input is attenuated, just keep the Boss Master level very low.

Technically you could go into the normal Guitar input also, as long as you watch the levels coming out of the Boss.

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