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Output level from POD too weak for Computer Soundcard
by NormanFreund on 2012-08-06 02:47:51

I have a POD and when I connect it to my external computer sound card ( Guillemot Maxi Studio ISI sound card on PC system) the sound level I hear from the computer (LOGIC Audio, Version 3.6, 1999) is rather weak. I have to put the POD almost on full Output Level, this does not sound like the right way of doing things. Some people have suggested that I use a pre-amp to get the output of the POD to Line Level suitable for the sound card. I have a similar problem when I connect to my iMac, very feeble sound level.

Going by the pictures on the POD site, I think it's a POD 2.0.

Any suggestions?

What pre-amp would be suitable. Not after a full sound effects pre-amp, just to get the output of my POD suitable for pluging into my soundcards.



Re: Output level from POD too weak for Computer Soundcard
by toneman2121 on 2012-08-06 05:59:43 are some documents on this page that might help

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