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Two PF2 licenses on 1 machine - install and general use question
by fp65 on 2012-08-13 21:57:40

I currently have PF2.53 (as well as add on packs) installed (win7 laptop) tied to UX2. Works fine standalone and as plugin/elements in reaper but sometimes gets glitchy when UX2 is used as a dongle as when using my main interface (fast track ultra 8r). No problem with my daw when i pull the ux2 off the computer.

I would like to add a standard PF2.53 license (no iLOK, just software) ($99), remove the UX2, and not do a reinstall of 2.53. That way, i can use the PF2.53 and addons without UX2, but can also occasionally plug in UX2 as the interface.

Question: If i buy another PF2.53 license as a standard license, can i do this? Do i just install the new standard license, remove the UX2,and avoid a whole 2.53 reinstall? If I stick the UX2 on the laptop as the main (only) interface (e.g., when traveling), does the license monkey just switch to the UX2 license?  I know the add-ons don't need a reinstall, but has anybody installed two licenses of PF2 on the same machine?  Thanks - FP65

Re: Two PF2 licenses on 1 machine - install and general use question
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-14 03:51:56

just buy the license, go to the license manager in the line6monkey folder and authorize your computer... no need to reinstall etc. the license will be tied to your account and authorization will tie your computer to your account, and then you can use any interface you like.

Re: Two PF2 licenses on 1 machine - install and general use question
by Triryche on 2012-08-14 06:40:20

Also, any purchased add-ons can be shared.

One little bump though, if your UX2 came with FX junkie, you may not be able to use those models without the UX2 pligged in.


NOTE:One exception is “Factory Add-Ons”. These are features that can only be used with the device it came with and cannot be removed from that device to be “shared” with your other Line 6 devices. For example, POD XT Live comes with an FX Junkie Add-On. After authorization, License Manager does not make that unit’s FX Junkie available to your other authorized devices. In License Manager, Factory Add-Ons are displayed in italics once you've selected a device and goes on to say "these Add-Ons can only be authorized on this device".

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.