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JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by hudsoncoutosilva on 2012-08-15 11:57:01

I've noticed some firmware problems with my newly acquired JTV89. When I got the guitar, the very fist thing I did was to put the battery to charge and plug it via VDI into my HD500. It sounded very nice, the models were very realistic and alive.
Ok, so I go about updating it to 1.82 (it was set to 1.70). After the update, some models just sounded weird. The Les Paul bridge sound like an out-of-phase middle position (just on the 3 lower strings), the Strat lost ist sparkle and the 12 strings are not tracking as quickly as before, you can hear the strings "sliding" to pitch.

So I try reflashing, rolling back to 1.70, back again to 1.82 and guess what? Every time something sounds different. There doesn't seem to be any consistency between all the reflashes and updates, something always get fixed while another thing gets messed up...

Another problem: when I edit a model in Workbench. Let's take the Spank for example. The model from the guitar sounds nice and sparkly, but if I so much as touch Workbench, it instantly sounds darker and lifeless, like the old Variax500 I had a while back. Also, saving ANY of the JTV models to disk and editing them makes them sound like the older variaxes, even though Workbench labels them "Tyler Variax Model". I've notced the file extension is the same for TJV and 500/700 guitars, so is it possible that the stock models in the JTV are "converted" to 500/700 models as soon as you edit them in Workbench? It is really annoying, because if I just need to adjust something simples like pot values or the capacitor, the models loses all its authenticity..

Anyone has some insights?

P.S.: quick test to exemplify the problem: I take the Spank 5 model and copy it on top of Spank 4, so now I have two Spank5 side by side and they sound the same. Then i take one and edit it in Worbench (change the capacitor to 11uF than back 47uF, so no change after all). The two models now sound completely different, the edited one being darker and less sparkly, just very plastic.

Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-15 13:08:46

I had issues out of the box with mine, but it involved 1.71 (or 1.72 forget which)

anyway, i had to downgrade the flash telling it to save nothing... once i got the lower flash working problem free, i was able to upgrade problem free.

basically reflashing will likely fix yours from the sounds of it, just not sure what the magic order of things will be....

I think it was a problem with the 1.70 factory firmware that lingers... but thats just my guess.

Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by hudsoncoutosilva on 2012-08-15 13:22:59

Well i have tried to reflash it before, but maybe i'll try downgrading to an even older firmware, see how far the issues go...

Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-15 13:52:28

I'm not sure you can go any lower than the 1.7x, because those were pre-james tyler firmwares....

don't know one way or the other if they work.. just throwing that out as a word of caution.

Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-08-15 14:16:53

As Zap said, make sure you let it overwrite all your settings when flashing.  Sometimes the saving of the existing models and writing them back can get in the way of a good clean reflash.



Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by hudsoncoutosilva on 2012-08-18 09:35:27

Well I've tried reflashing the guitar, and I'm now back at the 1.82 firmware. However, the problem with workbench is still there. I've tried everything I can think of, including reinstalling every part of line6 software, but the problem persists.

It seems that any model created or modified in workbench sounds infinitely worse than the ones on the guitar. It is really annoying because it limits me to the models that came to the guitar and doesn't allow me to overwrite the stock banks without a big compromise in sound. This is most noticeable in the more sparkly models, like Spank and T-Model, where the models from workbench sound much darker and with no brilliance at all. In fact, a Spank5 model from Workbench sounds almost like a low-output humbucker...

Also, the string balance is really weird in my guitar. The Spank and T-Model banks have really low output on the bottom 3 strings while the top 3 are very loud. It's really awkward to be playing on the D string and when i pick the G, it almost scares the audiance. On the other hand, the Lester, Semi and Jazzbox banks have almost no sound on the bottom strings, so when playing jazz tunes with chord-melody, the root of the chords is not even audible. I could use the string volume option in Workbench, but not only that would screw up the models that are actually balanced, there is the problem of losing sound quality mention above...

Is anyone else experiencing these problems with Workbench sucking out your tone or the string volumes being off?

Re: JTV models edited in Workbench sound weird
by hudsoncoutosilva on 2012-08-24 08:36:10


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