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POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by Mavril on 2012-08-17 10:18:18


I've had an Bass XT Live for a while now and have just added an XT Live to my collection.

I'm looking to pick up the add on collection but wondered if it would be better to purchase the POD Farm 2.5 Platinum instead. I know there is a price difference and I understand that if I have the add on packs for the XT Live that I can utilise these packs in POD Farm (while the unit is connected to the pc).

If I purchase POD Farm 2.5, will the packs that come with it be able to be utilised in the XT Live whilst not connected to the PC? If this is the case, both products could use all the packs isolated from each other (obviously at an increased cost).

Anybody done it this way instead of the other way? I'm interested in your feedback on how this has worked out.


Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-17 11:51:12

I have platinum and it does make the packs show up in the license manager... my pod xt is currently dead so i can't test it... but i do believe that the packs will work on the xt and in pod farm if you pick up platinum.

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by Mavril on 2012-08-17 18:55:38

Thanks TheReal Zap,

I spent some time rooting around the site and it looks as though I can do this in a modular fashion. I'll pick up the triple pack now as this fixes the amp selection in my XT Live. After I'm happy with the tonal selections I'll look into purchasing Amp Farm.

How many times have I recorded a tone as a bass player and found that guitarist come in later and try to occupy the entirely same aural footprint? Too many, hopefully Amp Farm will resolve both issues, sharpening up my bass tones as well as tweaking guitar tracks to fit snuggly in their place.

The Line6 licensing process is quite fiddly and the pricing is inconsistent. It's funny that musicians seem to calmly accept processes that other industries woulf find unacceptable.

Again, thanks for your response. This looks like a great forum and it's good to see there is activity on a product that is no longer manufactured. As you can se from my profile, I've had one of these units for a long time and have only just entered this community. Bad form on my part but it just goes to show that I've been happy with my gear and going about my own business. Hopefully this latest aquisition kick starts another 5 years of contentment, I'll have to change my commitment levels to the community and see if I can give a little back

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by BigChas52 on 2012-08-18 05:45:02

I would not get the triple pack, as FX Junkie comes pre-installed on the XTLive.  Take a look at the "2 Pack" that contains Metal Shop and Collectors Classics"

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-18 16:16:51

i can now confirm that having platinum will unlock all the models in your xt if you authorize the xt with your account.

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by Mavril on 2012-08-19 09:53:03

Thanks guys,

I ended up picking up the triple pack because I will have a future need to record tracks without the XT Live connected to the pc. With this in mind I picked up the triple pack so that I can use these sounds later. When it comes to picking up POD Farm, I'll have to pick up the Bass pack, Power pack also to complete the available selections for my gear, this step made the most sense. Should still turn out as a better solution to the platinum pack straight up.

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by Mavril on 2012-08-19 09:58:50


I ended up buyijng the triple pack and authorised the device as instructed. The patches are accessible and load but the sound is pure guitar tone. I remember seeing other discussions on this point and will now go and look for a solution. Just wanted to reference it here for anyone following the same path.

Edit: restarted the pc a day later, reconnected the device, powered the XT Live and all the tones are there. Must just be an initialisation thing, thought i tried these things once i purchased the pack but clearly not. The benefit of a good night's sleep and clear thinking... Hours of auditioning new favourites coming up.

FYI I picked up my XT live by purchasing an HD500 and then trading it for the XT Live with the add on packs. Some, if not all of you will be shakig your heads while reading this but I'm happy so far. I am used to the way the Bass XT Live operates and functions on stage and through the editing software. Do I think either are perfect emulators? No, but my brother is the beneficiary of a new HD500 and I'm hoping he puts it to good use!

Will update the community if my opinion changes (this will probably coincide with my brother dominating the stage with his new array of sounds)

Re: POD Farm 2.5, POD XT Live & Add on packs
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-20 14:10:58

nice score for your brother... and yes i do think you're crazy! hahah but as long as you're happy

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