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Hey guys, got dem Backtrack bluuuues...
by Tomgar24 on 2012-09-01 12:58:27.6720

Hey guys, I bought a backtrack (no mic) on the 9th of march from Amazon for the purpose of recording cover songs and demos (as well as keeping track of riff ideas) and since then I have not been able to get it to work properly. Instead of a huge rant I figured I'd list my problems in neat bullet points:

  • My bass (an Ibanez SR300M with active pickups) is incredibly quiet when plugging direct to backtrack. Yes I've set audio capture to soft, no I don't want to increase the volume in a DAW as it turns my lovely, gentle playing into a gain-fuelled mess. I have no clue how one would fix this problem, just thought I'd share. If it helps, I much prefer to use forced capture (no idea if using this mode impacts on sound).

  • When I run backtrack from 2 of the 3 possible line outs on my amp (a Laney RB2), these line outs being the DI socket and headphones socket backtrack records nothing whatsoever. When I run backtrack after the 3rd line out (for an external speaker), it records at a good volume yet with a disgusting clanky and super-distorted sound, nothing like the warm, round tone I actually use.

  • I don't believe it's just my amp either. At a studio, I let my friend take a shot at it with his Fender Stratocaster and the studio's very expensve Marshall stack (the backtrack was last in the signal chain, my friend using an OD pedal and wah before the Marshall). He got a horrid mess of feedback, fuzz and distortion through which the notes were *just* distinguishable.

    I haven't registered the backtrack so no warranty to return it and get a replacement. Please help as I'd rather not have wasted £45 of my British pounds. And I really like the idea of Backtrack and want it to work *so* badly.

Re: Hey guys, got dem Backtrack bluuuues...
by silverhead on 2012-09-01 14:06:55.0460

I think you should open a support ticket to work with Line 6 directly on this:">">

You may have a faulty device that needs replacement. As long as you have your original receipt you may be covered under warranty. I don't know what the Backtrack warranty period is.

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