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Discordant Harmonics in 3 Amplifier Models
by poynt99 on 2012-09-02 19:19:19

Today was the first time I've gone through the guitar amplifier models in my POD X3 one by one (still not finished), and to my shagrin, I found 3 very good sounding models that unfortunately have a very discordant (unrelated harmonic) sound to them. The 3 models I found so far that are exhibiting this artifact are:

1) 1968 Plexi Variac'd (most prominent)

2) 1960 Class A-15 (least prominent)

3) 1967 Class A-30 Top Boost (2nd most prominent)

As they stand, these 3 models are unusable in my opinion, as this strange artifact of a harmonic really stands out as not being harmonically related to the notes being played. I've not yet noticed this with any other models, but I will post these if I do.

Has anyone else noticed this? Could all you POD X3 owners out there try these 3 amplifier models and post your findings here please? Help me out here guys, these 3 models sound great but are spoiled by this bad harmonic. It sure would be nice to be able to use them.

Line 6, are you guys aware of this problem, and is there a fix in the works or already available? I believe my POD is up to date, as I just checked it with Monkey.

Thanks guys,


Re: Discordant Harmonics in 3 Amplifier Models
by poynt99 on 2012-09-02 19:54:28


I've done a little reading here, and I see this issue has been discussed before. According to Line 6, these are "ghost tones" and are present in the actual amps they modeled.

Well, that's too bad in my opinion. If the artifact is indeed part of how a new amp sounds, then ok, but if the amp requires repair, I would have preferred that was done first. Oh well, I guess we will all have to live with this decision.

I have yet to go over the amp models in my POD HD. I hope the sound engineers used "healthy" amps when they modeled those

Re: Discordant Harmonics in 3 Amplifier Models
by poynt99 on 2012-09-09 12:56:44

Further research into the so-called "ghost-note" issue has revealed that it is extrememly unlikely that these discordant notes are ghost notes modeled from the amplifiers.

There are at least a dozen amplifier models in the POD X3 and Spider IV amplifier (and probably many more products) exhibiting this problem, and the suspicious fact that makes it difficult to believe these are modeled after the amplifier itself, is that every one of these models exhibits the exact same discordant note. One would expect each amplifier that was being modeled would exhibit its own unique-sounding artifact, yet this is NOT the case with these modeled amplifiers.

Have a listen for yourself and come to the only logical conclusion available.

PS. I have not yet listened to the POD HD, but I will report back what I find in this regard.

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