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POD HD 400 usb an driver problem
by niksayan on 2012-09-05 06:49:37

Hello, my name is Nik.

I use mac OS X 10.5.8 with pod UX2 and pod GX, plug pod farm and pod farm 2, DAW logic studio 9 pro.

I don't have any problem, all it's ok!!!

Immagine 10.jpg

Recently i buy POD HD 400, sound is very nice but when i disconnected pod UX1 or GX and connected Pod HD 400 Monkey don't recognizes this hardware.

- all updates are ok

- i connected USB cable into my usb imac directly

- i connected power supply at POD HD 400

- run monkey app

monkey app doesn't find POD HD 400 and if i select POD HD 400 in manual mode into window, the monkey tells me to download driver 7.1.7.

But this driver exist in my work perfectly with POD UX1 and GX...

I have a Mac Book Pro OS X 10.5.8 , I tried but it behaves in the same way.

Are there tricks ( connect power or usb, hold one button ) or solution ?


Re: POD HD 400 usb an driver problem
by niksayan on 2012-09-05 11:58:10

I run monkey and see this message

Immagine 1.png

i selected POD HD 400 and i did click OK

Immagine 3.png

the drivers 7.1.7 it's ok with other devices!!!!!!!

I start download, install this file, rerun monkey... i have the same message.


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