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Vetta HD amp head no sound
by EddMunster on 2012-09-07 00:25:09

I bought a used vetta hd head a few months ago, worked fine for a bit and then it stopped putting out sound. the amp powers up, i can scroll through the programs and can even tune my guitar so it is definitely getting a signal just not putting out sound. I checked the oupt setup and it is set to normal. funny thing is, when i slave it throught the unbalanced outs, on the back, to another amp. the vetta works through the other amp as long as my cabs are plugged to amp B and not the Vetta. i took it to a "repair" man and he said the output board was fried. i can't find anything online about an output board for the vetta head. so basically i can run it through a pa system but it won't play through cabinets ... any ideas? will it hurt the amps running it through the unblanced outs in to a marshall stack clean channel?

Re: Vetta HD amp head no sound
by DickFoster on 2012-09-07 10:29:14

If it were me, I'd find myself a service technician who can do more than swap out boards. Probably not a dedicated guitar amp shop as most seem to be strictly tube/board swappers i.e. someone who can actually troubleshoot and repair down to the component level.

The component parts are out there and can be bought from electronics parts distributors and the schematic/service manual can be downloaded off the Internet. All you need now is to find the talent. Sadly it's a rapidly disappearing art.

Look for a ham radio guy maybe although they too are becoming as scarce as hens teeth. It's always good to know a few of those guys. The Internet is fine and dandy but it wont do anyone much good after a good earthquake, hurricane or something that takes the basic power and or communication infrastructures down.     

Re: Vetta HD amp head no sound
by EddMunster on 2012-09-07 15:57:26

I couldnt agree with you more. i did find a line 6 service repair in arlington, so i guess i will take it to them. hopefully they can fix it, love the vetta, has a great sound!

Re: Vetta HD amp head no sound
by DickFoster on 2012-09-10 09:45:27

Good luck. As I said I've found that most guitar amp shops are tube and board swappers. Why take the amp in and pay a minimum fee if they can't or won't effect the repair you need? I suggest you ask them first and make it very clear to them that replacement boards are no longer available then ask them if they can and will repair the amplifier's final power amp section at the individual component level. Also make it clear that if they can't or won't fix the amp you aren't willing to pay them squat. You're paying for expertise not for them to just be there and hang up a shingle.  

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