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Offline gearbox or alternative POD editor
by tbenker on 2012-09-11 23:41:16

Dear Moderators,

I open the exact same disscussion yesterday under X3. Today i realized that this will be the correct place to discuss. I deleted the discussion there. As i have not used this forum i am not sure this will be enough. Please feel free to remove any residues of the other one.


Hi all,

I have two questions regarding Gearbox.

1. As you know Line6 does not support gearbox online applications like customtones etc. Thus, search by guitarist, band, song are no more possible. Now finding a patch in my computer folders became a burden. Tone locker still allows you to see the preset information but you have to chose the preset first. Choosing 1000s of preset one by one and manually looking for an artist is not fun.  Do you know a way to do these searches or and alternative  software to do so. Pod Farm 2.5 is slightly capable of it but it does not load presets if my PoD x3 live is not on. Please, please, please do not say use Custome tones on the site. It doe not have the same functionality, scrolling through pages with very slow internet like mine is very boring.

2. I hate turning on Pod when ever i want to use gearbox. I would like to prepare my own preset bundles offline (without turning on Pod X3 Live). But you can not load presets to slots when offline. Digitech editors has been capable of doing it more then 10 years. Do you know any Line6 application or a third part application that enables that?  Belive me this is one great time saver. İe; My pod is in my studio. If i have find time to go to my studio i will preffer playing over loading presets. Preparing preset bundles whenever you have free time and away from your gear is much more logical.

Thanks in advance,

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