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MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by beagleman2010 on 2012-09-14 10:37:56

Has anyone actually used one of these to control a DT amp from a POD?

Will it receive a single message from the POD and transmit multiple messages at once to contol a DT?


Re: MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by MrJosimm on 2013-03-12 10:23:01

I'm trying to find out the same thing! I own a nova system, wich can send cc messages, but not the values.. I ask the same question, can I programe let's say, a channel 1 from Nova to the Event Processor, wich will send a configured value as mentioned in the Dt documentation?

Re: MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by anonyrat on 2013-03-12 17:43:16


I got the event processor and the MIDI Thru boxes. Both run off power over the MIDI output from the HD500.

It works really well and is easy to set up. I got the 32 event processor. I  use it mainly to control an M9 FX unit but do send some commands thru to DT25 to change reverb settings.

The reason I got the event processor was I wanted to select different scenes on the M9 according to a patch on the HD500. Initially I set it up using a FS to send the midi to change the M9 however this is NOT a good solution as when you select a patch on the HD500 it does not send this FS info over MIDI so you have to do a second stomp to get it.

The only thing that is sent out of the HD500 when changing patches is the patch number. Patch 1 = program change 00 up to Patch 64 = PC63.

My problem was there weren't 64 scenes in the M9 and also I was only using about 12. So for example I wanted to send Patch64 but have scene 2 on the M9 - The MIDI event processor does it easily.

Just be aware of the 32 processes, each mapping (say Patch64 = scene 2 or  Patch32=scene 8) you quickly run out of 32 mappings. So  as in my case you have to plan the setlist layout.

2 32 processors can be used together but that then starts to get expensive.

To: MrJosimm:  Yes it would work in theory but as above with 32 processes it could be limiting -  you could say if the Nova sends PC =1 then (from event processor) send amp for part part A, Cab type, Gain,bass,treb,mid,pres,vol then that alone would use 8 process lines. So using that example you could only setup the 4 amp changes. Maybe lateral thinking in that the HD500 is geared to send all that info and the Nova could trigger patches in the HD500 that would via L6link setup the DT amp.

It would be nice if MIDI Solutions made a matrix kind of thing to setup a string of parameters that could be triggered by one event, but not at the moment. 

Re: MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by MrJosimm on 2013-03-13 07:35:37

Hello Anonyrat, thanks for the help and advice ..

I really love my Nova and I do not want to sell it, the Nova uses a system that allows me to choose presets and effects in real time, as I think HD500 does but the Nova is really tru-bypass and I really wanted to be as minimalist as possible. The idea was to program the 8 voicings of Dt, (A & B channels) with the Dt edit, wich by the away is awsome and then set the MIDI Solutions for eg when the module receive the Pc 1 send from the Nova, will send the cc # and Value#, according to the channel and voicing described in line 6 docs., do you understand? however thanks for the explanation;)

Re: MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by anonyrat on 2013-03-14 16:48:08


I think using the Nova + Event processor [EP] would be a breeze.

IF (this part I do not know) the Nova outputs something when changing Nova presets (PC maybe?) then the EP can be set up to recognise most MIDI events and change/output to most events. It is not restricted to PC's.

So if you selected preset 1 on the Nova and it output PC 1 - then the EP could recognise that and translate that to CC 122 + value 4 which would be PartB amp I on the DT


If you selected preset 4 on the Nova and it output PC 4 - then the EP could recognise that and translate that to CC 122 + value 2 which would be PartA amp IV on the DT.

Easy to program this scenario, the CC122 is constant and the value (0-7) changes according to input program change (PC) or whatever...

Re: MIDI Solutions Event Processor
by MrJosimm on 2013-03-15 06:31:28

Thank you very much.. It's exactly what I need

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