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POD HD 300 & Reaper questions
by symorian on 2012-09-25 14:47:06

Hello all,

I'll have two questions, one is related to POD HD 300 and the other one is only Reaper and DFH related.

1) I just wonder if I can directly record my guitar signal into a Reaper track while listening to the processed(amp'ed) sound WITH POD HD 300 ?

2) I have assigned DFH of ezdrummer as a FX into my drum track in Reaper. Is it possible to break that drum track down into sub-tracks as Kick, Snare, Hat, Tom 1, Tom 2... etc? To be able to assign new FXes separately and do some customizations on the drum parts? For example boosting kicks, adding reverb to snares and etc.

Thank you all,

Re: POD HD 300 & Reaper questions
by symorian on 2012-09-26 09:46:59

Did I open this topic in the wrong section?

By the way please ignore the second question, I've already solved that. But the first one, I still don't have any clue...



Re: POD HD 300 & Reaper questions
by PremiumJones on 2012-09-27 00:10:01

Im not sure I get what you are asking... I record my 300 into Reaper frequently, so I can probably answer you... Im just not sure what you are asking.

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