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Is Stereo Dock still being made?
by deankobayashi on 2012-09-26 13:27:03

The site doesn't show any stereo docks... just mono. Has it been discontinued? or just out of stock?

If out of stock when will it be available again?


Re: Is Stereo Dock still being made?
by mjkirk12 on 2013-02-19 12:15:57

If you have good mechanical skills and soldering skills, a mono-dock can be converted to a stereo dock.

Involves drilling 2 holes on each side of a mono-dock case (after disassembling it), removing 2 (or 4?) zero-ohm jumper resistors and installing 2 Neutric 1/4" jacks.

I did it with my mono-dock about 1 year ago.  Drilling the holes is the hardest part -  maybe a hacksaw and round file could be used as well.

Or for a little more money (less effort) - buy a used stereo dock from musicgoround, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, etc.



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