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My presets works in HD500 EDIT ONLY. help..
by haavardmk on 2012-09-30 07:09:06

So. I have made few patches in edit, and put them in a set list and saved the set list and the patches individually. then i sent the patches to my HD500 and the set list.

So i unplugg my usb from my pc, i find the set list and the presets in my HD500. the first one works as because i loaded it while in edit. then i change patch, and the patch loads,

i can see the name of the patch and all my effects and even the settings are correct. but its like all my effects are "bypassed" i can enable/disable them but nothing happens.. i just get the dry sound of my guitar.

Guitar > Amp > HD500 (in amp's FX loop through "Guitar in" and "UBAL 1/4" L/MONO")

The output mode is set to Combo pwr amp.

Thanks for any advice!

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