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by apachemech1277 on 2012-10-03 04:00:28

i bought the POD HD300 after only needing to hear 1 sound from it in this video">"> ( jump to 9:01). after hearing the treadplate off that video, i decided that i wanted the HD300, however i have not been able to dial it in even close to how it sounds in that video. i have tried sending a message to the guy in it asking what the setting were but i have gotten no reply. can someone please help me out on this i will list the gear im using if it will help. guitar- Ibanez Jem 555, effects- Line6 POD HD300 (, amp- Behringer GMX1200H half stack. Please if anyone can help me out on this, i would greatly appreciate it, as so far i cant seem to get a reply from anyone and i am totally stuck here. thanks in advance.

by meambobbo on 2012-10-03 08:31:29

not familiar with your amp or cab, but generally the main things are to (a) make sure you are using the right output mode (live), (b) connect the pod output to the effects loop return of your amp, (c) try both the "full" and "pre" models to determine which sounds better on YOUR gear, and (d) try some of the different cabs to maybe help get more of the EQ sound you want.  If you are in the right output mode, the cab selection only EQ's the tone different, but does not provide cab/mic simulation.  The mic choice does nothing.  Try the Treadplate V-30 cab or the XXL or even "no cab" (need the latest firmware for that).

by PremiumJones on 2012-10-03 09:45:51

I have the 212 combo version of that head, its one of my favorite amps to use in this manner.

meambobo is right on about messing with the mentioned settings, but Ill tell you what I have found the be the best settings for me to get a good tight recto rhythm tone. Most of what I use is directly influenced by his High Gain tone guide, which I strongly reccomend. One thing I will say that I have directly observed with this amp - the power section and speakers are much more "full range" than those in the average guitar amp. Using Full models with this amp works VERY well. Since you are using the head, and I dont know what speaker(s), your milage may vary greatly. Anyway:

POD in Studio mode, using the Hiway 412 and 57 off axis

Treadplate - 61 - 24 - 39 - 69 - 37 power amp DEPs all 50%, ER = 12

FX1 - I go back and forth between putting an EQ after the cab to even out the high mids, or using a Screamer to tighten up the front end... both work for different situations.

EQ - Parametric, Low 64, High 55, Freq 47%, Q 50%, Gain 37%

Screamer - Bass 50%, Tone 52%, Treble 50%, Drive 0%, Output 67%

FX2 - Analog Chorus post-amp, with speed all the way down, depth at about 25%, mix no higher than 50%

FX3 - digital delay which I never use

Reverb - Hall, 12ms predelay, 20% decay, 50% Tone, 15% Mix

L/R 1/4" Outs in Line mode to the L/R "Slave In"s on the amp

You get no volume control on the amp this way, so you must set your overall master volume with the PODs little topside Master volume control.

by meambobbo on 2012-10-03 15:07:10

here's the link to that guide:


by apachemech1277 on 2012-10-04 02:18:57

this is to the 2 people so far that have offered advice. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to try to help me out here. i have book marked that link that was posted by meambobbo. i will also try the settings that premiumjones has posted to see if that is close to/exactly the sound i am looking for. thanks again guys. i am still open to more suggestions from other people as well.

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