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Tech 21 PowerEngine 2x12 and Pod X3 Live - Awesome Combo!
by rmdnet on 2012-10-09 12:58:15

I still like the "old" Pod X3 Live and recently purchased a new Tech 21 PowerEngine (2x12 but I would think 1x12 would be just as good).   Cool thing about this AMP is that the tones sound as designed with little to no coloration.  Also allows me to plug into PA directly through the AMP without the amp's volume setting coming into play.  So I can use as a show amp or as a Monitor at larger venue connected to a PA.  It's also REALLY Light compared to most amps.  Just what the doctor ordered as I spent a lot of time building tones!!!  

Some of the tones are under RMDNET and are now online.

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