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Pod 2.0 plus active monitor
by Eneekay on 2012-10-10 08:00:51

Hello everyone!

I was wondering, could I plug in a Pod 2.0 into an active monitor, and use it as a cheap practice amp substitute? I was wondering if the monitor would not color the sound, so as to get a decent tone. I am not looking for something extraordinary, just decent, and not coloring the sound as an amp would do. I am looking at ultra cheap options. Can someone take a look at this shop's list and give me an opinion?


Re: Pod 2.0 plus active monitor
by tobiez on 2012-10-10 15:19:16

with A.I.R. button switched to DIRECT, you can get a good sound from any of these active speaker systems, depending on their quality.

But if you only play at low levels at home it can be as small as a studio monitor system.

This would be another category:">">

Re: Pod 2.0 plus active monitor
by Eneekay on 2012-10-11 00:10:15

Hello tobiez, and thank you very much for your reply. I was thinking about something cheap like this Kustom monitor:

Nearfield monitors would be a good idea I suppose, but I was thinking about something I could perhaps crank up a bit, and maybe get some decent tones - similar to a cheap solid state amp. Would it be possible with a monitor like that?

Re: Pod 2.0 plus active monitor
by tobiez on 2012-10-11 15:27:34

a 10" makes lots of noise of course, and yes, why not trying one of these 50W monitors.

if you want to crank it up together with real drums you might use a 12" which is the standard guitar speaker dimension. but I guess you don´t really need it thou

as i said, all of these are in the right direction, as they are built less or more  to transfer the sound of the pod as is.

you won´t be altering the tone caracter in general with them really, as the pod is the one who delivers the default sound.

the only diference would be in the quality of the speakers, like if one of the horns is transducing better highs than another. But it might be marginal only, depending on your demands.

If you are not sure, you might try it and send it back if you dislike it.

Just go for a try and you´ll see

Re: Pod 2.0 plus active monitor
by Eneekay on 2012-10-12 02:22:54

Thanks tobiez you've been really helpful! I am looking in the local used market to see if I can find anything interesting in a good price! Thanks a lot again! Once I get one and try it out (sooner or later) I will post my experience here!

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