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by aeon20 on 2012-10-11 22:02:37

Hi. Sorry for this question coz still a newbie in tech and sound routing. Here is my question:

1. My orange micro terror dont have a fx loop. I'm using front amp input and what is the good output mode for pod hd desktop?

2. Can you tell/show me good pedal block chain if i want to use the tone of micro terror amp + pod hd desktop's tones without the amp sim?

3. If i want to use the amp sim from pod hd desktop, how will i disable the microterror tone just only to hear or use the pod's amp? Is there a way that i could only hear every amp sim from pod without mixing the tone from microterror?

4. If im using either micro terror amp or ehx 44 magnum (im planning to buy). What amp from pod will i use, PRE or FULL?

5. Is there any stompbox or pedal that can act as an effects loop? Not exactly but similar in the same way.

Thanks line 6-ers!

by jimsreynolds on 2012-10-12 05:37:55


1) Use the 'Combo Front' mode in system setup.   There are EQ controls there that allow you to tweak the overall sound to match that of your amp.   Search this forum for more details on the methods of setting them up.  Be advised that these configurations will apply to both the EQ settings for the modelled tones and the 'real' tones from your Tiny Terror.

2)  What effects you use depends very much on what you want to do - and there are no golden rules, just guidelines. Google Effects Chain  Order or similar and you will get a lot of hits !!

Normally your effects order would go something like ...

Before the amp

Distortions, compressors, wahs, pitch shifter, some modulations etc, EQ

After the amp - in the Amp FX Loop

Reverb and delays, some modulations, EQ (again)

For clean tones this is not really a problem ... just put all of your effects in a line and off you go.  However, the big headache with using the Pod out front, in an amp-only context with the TT, is that it makes it difficult to get the effects order right for a dirty tone on the amp.   For dirty tones, you will find that delays and reverbs generally sound a bit 'in your face' and are hard to get right.  They get overloaded and distort.    There is no easy answer to this other than avoiding dirty tones on the amp itself and using the modelled tones/distortions on the POD to do the do. 

3)  As before, use the Combo Front mode.  Create a patch with all amps and effects turn off and plug in a guitar.  Try and get the Tiny Terror as clean as possible in this configuration without too much treble or bass by adjusting the .... uh .... one tone knob on the TT!    For amp-sims you want as clean as possible on the TT to start off with then add your dirt with the amp and stombox models.

4)  For amp models, plugging into the front .... probably pre-models but there is debate on the forum about which sounds best for what.  Some amps only sound right with the full model (e.g. AC30).   Best suggestion is to play and see what sounds natural to you.

5.   No.  The FX Loop needs to be part of the amp and generally sit between the pre and power amp stages.  No pedal can do this.   Well ... the HD500/Pro have an FX Loop but that is for use with the modelled amps rather than a real one.

If you want my 5c ?   The TT is a great little amp and does one or two things very well.  It may not be the best back-end for a modelling system like the pod due to its sheer simplicity.  If you want to do modelling seriously then think about a more sophisticated amp or a full range setup.  Looking at your taste in amps: 'small' seems to be the key right ?   I am sure there are people round here that can make suggestions.

When using FX only: If you like the amp clean then you should be able to use most of the modelled effects in the right order.   When using dirty:  you will get the best hit rate with Wahs, compressors, distortions, some chorus FX and the like.

by aeon20 on 2012-10-12 10:46:32

Great answer jimsreynolds. Somehow, just want to correct that my amp is a micro terror not a tiny terror. Anyway, your answers really helpful and correct. Additional questions:

1. If i use a ehx 44 magnum to drive a certain cabinet, does it colored the amp models of the pod hd desktop?

2. Does the ehx 44 magnum is safe to use for a single orange ppc108? Or how about the 2 pcs of orange ppc108?

3. If i use the pod hd in the front of my orange micro terror, can i route any external stompboxes? Before or after the pod hd?

Many thanks!

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