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Smaller speakers for monitors
by choffer74 on 2012-10-19 08:09:20


I've just been reading up about the M20d and the L3 seriers of speakers and absolutely love the idea of it- the 'smart' mixing desk, the l6 link, ipad compatability. However i feel there are a couple of things missing.

I'm happy spending £800ish on a main PA speaker, but i dont want to spend that amound on a monitor. I also do not need 1400w of power for a monitor. Does anyone know if Line 6 are thinking about bringing out a 100-200w version of the speakers? (at a correspondingly lower price!)

using the m20d and the l3 speakers together i can run just one cable for the outputs. but is there something equivalent for the inputs? e.g. a line 6 'stage box' with 16 or 20 inputs that can have 1 cable running to the mixing desk. i know that you have the potential of keeping the mixing desk on stage, and using the ipad as the controller (negating the need for a 'multi-core'), but something inside me worries about leaving the mixing desk on stage - either the musicians being able to control everything! or if something goes wrong the PA guys will have to fix it up on stage.

thanks to line 6 for coming up with a game changing solution that looks like it will actually work!


Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by dboomer on 2012-10-19 10:18:12

without giving anything away ... I would say it is save to assume that the speaker line will grow in both directions over time

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by choffer74 on 2012-10-19 12:37:59

any chance of knowing how soon? we'll be buying a whole new pa system soon and could do with knowing whether to buy normal monitors or wait for some new line 6 offerings.....

and what about the multi core?

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by dboomer on 2012-10-19 12:53:06

I'd recommend waiting

As far as a multicore as you describe.  It would be very expensive and currently would have no place to plug in.  I wouldn't expect to see anything like it but you never know.

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by Icewind on 2012-10-25 10:28:34

Ha!  As I handed over my credit card for my new L3T the other day, I commented to my friendly-neighborhood guitar store guy (who I've worked with for years), "I only wish it was about half the size!"  I could buy two of them, then.

I wonder if dboomer is going to get in trouble, now, because that's probably the most forthcoming Line6 post regarding potential new products that I've ever seen. 

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by dboomer on 2012-10-25 13:26:42

Well there's ALWAYS something new coming

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by Icewind on 2012-10-25 15:16:28

dboomer wrote:

Well there's ALWAYS something new coming

WHEN, dang it, WHEN?! 

Re: Smaller speakers for monitors
by Sonicstudios on 2012-11-06 15:51:22

I was hoping the same thing as OP. I recently bought a pair of L3T's and L3S subs (love them by the way!!), as the first items in putting together a whole rig (mics, console, mains, monitors etc.), and am in same boat as OP in regards to monitors. I'm good with an other pair 2 L3M's for rear/instrument wedges, but I would love to see a smaller version for front/vocal wedges. I'm thinking either the same design with 2x8" instead of the 2 x 10" (or maybe even 2 x 6"), or maybe the same design as the L3M but with a single 10".

As for the digital snake option, I don't see a need for it on the M20d, as it's target market is bands mixing themselves, and everything about it's feature set seems to indicate that. Howver, I would love to see the M20d concept in a larger and more "pro" platform: Something like 20 XLR ins, 4-6 TRS ins, maybe 4-6 monitor outs, maybe a larger screen and a few AUX outs for things like camera feeds etc. A digital snake option I think would be mandatory for a product like that aimed more at techs than musicians; especially at the price point such a product would go for.

Can't wait to see what L6 has coming down the pipe for 2013:)

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