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overdub has stopped working
by PlayAMRadio on 2012-10-23 11:06:52

Just ran the firmware update on my HD500 and have run into a bug.

If I go into looper mode, hit fs5 then fs6, what I just recorded will play correctly, hit fs5 again, first piece still playing, but overdub doesn't start.

If I hit fs5 then fs5 again, same thing, first piece plays, overdub doens't start.

I basically can only get 1 thing to record at a time. All other functions work properly though, I can reverse, 1/2 speed, pre/post, and 1 play.

I just cannot overdub.

Any ideas?

(going to roll back firmware and see if it goes away of course)(rollback didn't fix it, so I'm back on 2.1 again)

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