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New Purchase XD-V30L Question
by davestergo on 2012-10-31 19:00:12


I have just purchased a new XD-V30L system from Allans/Billy Hydes in Melbourne at thier closing down sale. I am wondering whether I can use the body pack with a line source like a guitar or am I stuck with using this bodypack with a lavelier microphone. I think I can purchase a Headset for this BP although I am not quite sure where I can purchase this now until Line6 declare new distributors here in Aus. Any thoughts?


Dave Stergo

Creatable Music

Re: New Purchase XD-V30L Question
by RonMarton on 2012-10-31 20:12:25

G'day from up the highway a bit, Dave...

In my opinion, it's all good news.

First off, just plug your guitar cable in and play. The only thing the V30L misses out on when compared to its guitar-amp-specific Relay G30 "brother" is Line 6's fabulous cable-emulating modeling.

I reckon you'll find that the sound and ease of use still beat the pants off any other guitar belt-pack at up to five times its full retail price.

Second, my opinion of Line 6's representation in Australia hitherto was so low that my considerable inventory of Line 6 gear came from Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana, via the forwarding agency

(You can click on my pink avatar at left for details of my location rig.)

With any luck, Line 6 will now be open to appointing an Aussie rep who'll actually support their fabulous products.

In the meantime, BH PhotoVideo can ship Line 6's cardioid headset to you in Melbourne for a total outlay of about $112 US.

F.Y.I. any comments I make are just that, ... my opinions.

I'm neither affiliated with, nor do I have any particular loyalty to Line 6, nor to any other firm or organisation.

Happy playing, mate ...and congratulations on nabbing that bargain !


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