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HD500 "Master" knob question
by Tripper on 2012-11-05 20:06:29

On my X3 Live I used to use the "Master Volume" knob to control my on-stage amplification (an active FRFR PA speaker). I would set the knob to just control the 1/4" outputs and I was able to send a consistent level to our mixer through the XLR jacks that wasn't affected by my tweaking of the master volume. Where is this feature on the HD500, and if it isn't there, why isn't it there? It's such an incredibly useful feature and a total no-brainer.

Thanks for any help or info you can provide!


Re: HD500 "Master" knob question
by meambobbo on 2012-11-05 21:15:26

It affects all the analog outputs, and I believe it is a lower signal level than the 1/4" outputs.  Can anyone confirm?

It would certainly be nice if the outputs had different volume levels, but I think they're thinking is that whatever you're outputting to probably has independent volume controls.  For instance, if you're outputting to a mixer and and amp, each of these has their own volume control.  You get the best SNR with this maxed out and amp/line set to line, but you may have to back off of it if those levels distort whatever you run it into.  For instance, some amps' presence is controlled in the power amp with a pre-amp tube before hitting the power tubes.

What's an even greater tragedy is lack of a dual output mode, where you can use cab/mic simulation on one set of outputs but not the other.  This can be acheived in a round-about way, but it limits your DSP heavily.  See here:


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