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POD HD Desktop - Edit - Invalid data
by deparko on 2012-11-20 22:26:18


Just purchased a POD HD (former POD XT user..hope I can get better sounds)..I upgraded the flash memory to latest version and installed Pod HD edit..When I start up POD HD edit I get "invalid Data" and it renames a number of setlists to a default name. Any advice would be greatly appreicated? I need to re-install? The first 4 setlists have sounds/names..etc



Re: POD HD Desktop - Edit - Invalid data
by johanneszab on 2012-11-21 05:16:30

What setlists get renamed? Are those already on your POD HD or did you try to load/open them? Did you also update your POD HD Edit software (2.21 is latest version)?

I think if those invaild presets are already on your POD and you want to keep them, you could try an older version, i would suggest v1.06 from the EDIT Software (because they "fixed" the invaild data after that particular version[1]) with your current firmware. Then save them (as Setlits or bundle) and send them to me (or upload them somewhere)! I'd like to see if i can modify them to get loaded with a newer software version.

If you don't care about the your settings within that presets, i would not care much. It should not happend again. I really depends on your former software version.



Bug Fixes

This update addresses a bug which allows invalid data to be introduced to presets. The invalid data is caused by asynchronous communication between the POD HD hardware device and the POD HD Edit software application. In rare instances recalling presets containing invalid data may cause intermittent high volume events.

Installing POD HD firmware v1.43 POD and HD Edit v1.08 prevents invalid data from being introduced into presets. During synchronization between POD HD and POD HD Edit, the hardware displays a “Sync In Progress” message and does not respond to any buttons or knobs until synchronization is complete.

Additionally any presets which contain invalid data are reset to an initialized state. These presets are easily identified as “New Tone (Reset)”.

Re: POD HD Desktop - Edit - Invalid data
by silverhead on 2012-11-21 07:40:17

When you install the latest firmware you should select to replace the existing presets on your Pod HD. You can choose to keep them, but since your Pod HD is new (at least, new to you) I would start with the factory presets that are contained/loaded within the firmware update procedure IF you select to replace the existing presets.

Also, after reinstalling the firmware you should reset the golbal parameters and calibrate the pedal.">

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Re: POD HD Desktop - Edit - Invalid data
by deparko on 2012-11-21 11:31:08

thanks..reflashed and replied "no" to save any patches and it seemed to work..thanks again

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