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Line 6 Verbzilla not working
by wickednick on 2012-11-25 05:22:19

Hello, recently I was using my line 6 when I noticed that it had suddenly stopped working. When I have a cord pluged into the in jack its able to turn on and off, if I plug a cord into the out jack and its not hooked up to anything it turns on and off.But when I have the out jack plugged into another powered pedal it will power on and but won't power off. The effects turn off when I have the Mix set high and if I try to switch to another effect it wont switch over, in fact it seems like it get stuck into whatever setting it was on. My pedal is around two years old, if there is a cheap fix for this I would like to hear it.

Also from what ive read on these forums other people have had similar issues with this pedal. If this is a defect then it needs to be fixed.

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