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USB Port Preferences
by Doubledashie on 2012-11-26 15:10:48

Is there a type of usb port that can improve quality of my recordings? If so, is it compatible to my sony vaio? The reason I ask is because, I always listen to what I'm recording through my hd 500, and I notice I get a fizzing sound when I plug my usb into my computer. There is less noise when I set my computer to "power saver" mode (as opposed to "high performance" or "balanced"). I feel that I lose a little bit of depth in sound through recording with cubase that I don't lose when recording with audacity any guesses on what might be up with that? (I suspect it might have something to do with the drivers) Also, I'm considering buying a use pod x3 for recording (I love the hd 500 for cleans and lead tones as well as cool tricks and effects, but I really want to also have the bass amp modeling and the rythym distortion guitar sounds better from what I've heard on youtube and other such places  [But what are your opinions on that?]) Should I be worried about being limited in my  ability to register a product or use software? I read that the software is slightly different than hd 500 edit (and I've read the x3 comes with pod farm, does that mean I can't get the software if I buy used?)   I'd just like to hear what you guys have to say about this, I always learn a lot from these discussions.

Re: USB Port Preferences
by CairnsFella on 2012-12-07 18:48:20

I only offer a minor point of reference given that you have not had any responses to date.

Im sure there is a more technical / accurate answer out there, but in my opinion the USB port can be a bit of a noise magnet. My own set up uses a fairly elderly computer and can be quite noisy, and like you I get different noise levels dependant upon the power modes. It is also possible to remove some addional noise be ensuring other programs that may constantly access disks etc are disabled, but ultimately I believe if you have a noisy PC you have a noisy PC (assuming you have eliminated ground loops etc).

One other thing you could try is other audio inputs e.g SPDIF if you PC is so equipped. I believe that many people here use the auidio inputs on deprate interfaces rather than the USB connection.

I hope you find a quieter solution.

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