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Midi Memo Stop & Rewind buttons?
by smithy37 on 2012-11-27 04:09:31.5430

Hi All,

Complete newbie here and just playing around with my Midi Mobilzer II and Midi Memo App on my Ipod Touch.

I have succesfully imported (via the record button), an SMF midi file into the app and can play it fine.

Trouble is I cannot see a stop button or a rewind button, only a pause button. If I want to stop the track and start it again from the beginning I have to close the app and re-open it.

I cannot believe this is how the program functions and would dearly like to know what I am doing wrong.

Please help.

Re: Midi Memo Stop & Rewind buttons?
by smithy37 on 2012-11-30 03:21:09.1950

In line with this forum query I also have a support ticket active.

The reply I have had doesn't answer the question so I will post my reply to the ticket below in the hope something can be done or I can be pointed in the right direction:

Thanks for replying but I think you misunderstand. I know there is a stop button in the record function. As I mentioned I successfully imported an smf.

There is no stop button in playback, just pause. Going into memo and selecting another file does not take it back to the beginning. The new file takes over, chronologically, from where the last file took off.

Looking at the screen shots in the App Store, you can clearly see a stop button where the record slide was.

My guess is the dev team removed this function for some reason.

Basically the only way you can move on to the beginning of the next song in your memo is to either let the current song finish or close and restart the app. The same if you want to start the current song again without it reaching the end.

This basically makes my purchase redundant as I can't use it in a live situation like this.

Please re-install the stop button.

This problem is not closed, so please do not close it off until you have either fixed it or proved me wrong. The latter of which would be welcome.

Re: Midi Memo Stop & Rewind buttons?
by smithy37 on 2012-12-03 04:00:11.9270

just looking to 'bump' this thread as the distinct lack of support is dissapointing to say the least.

If the button ain't there just say so. At least then I can lobby to get it put back in, it is on the splash screen of the app store after all.

If I am a blinking idiot and it is somewhere where I just haven't looked, then tell me. Laugh if you want to. At least I will have something that I can use.

Imagine if the stop button was taken away from your CD player, DVD player, VCR, Set top box, Ipod, etc.. Imagine how unusable those items would become.


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