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HD500 7 cable method?
by Nothingness on 2012-11-27 19:19:45

Was searching the forums here for an answer and couldn't really find what I was looking for.

At one time I was connecting the hd500 to a halfstack using the 4 cable method.

I recently picked up another matching cab and head to run in stereo with the HD500.

Right now i'm just going from the 1/4 outs on the HD500 to the front inputs on the heads.

Is there a 2 amp head/stereo equivalent to the 4cm using the FX loops and such? Maybe a 7cm?

If so, give me the details

Re: HD500 7 cable method?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-11-28 01:45:45

You don't want  much do you !

Given that your two amps are ostensibly identical I think this one is actually fairly simple:  the pre-amp should be the same on both amps so choose one of  the two amps (perhaps the one that sounds best, call it Amp A) and run the first three cables to it as normal.  Then with the last cables run

     1/4" Output Left -->  Amp A FX Return

     1/4" Output Right -->  Amp B FX Return

Make sure that  both amps have the FX Loop turned on.  It may be that with amp B that you need to hang a dummy patch cable out of the FX Send and/or amp input to make sure that the FX Loop turns on properly.

With your signal chain:  if you want to use any stereo FX then they would need to come AFTER the FX Loop block.  Also  be aware of how routing works within the POD otherwise.  See Meambobbo's  gude here -->


Ifyou are using two amps that are not identical then I cannot see a way to do 4CM without external loop switching support.  I  will mull on it.

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