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Inconsistent volume/volume drop with DT50 and HD500 combo
by georgecoffey on 2012-11-29 19:21:55

I've got an issue with my POD HD500 / DT50 rig that drives me nuts sometimes.  Hopefully some others have run into this problem before and can shed some light...

Sometimes when switching presets on the HD500, the volume through the amp will drop significantly.  The volume stays at this reduced level until I power the DT50 off and back on, but sometimes it takes a couple of power cycles before the volume comes back.  When it does this and the volume drops, I will literally have to have the volume knob 3/4 of the way up to obtain a reasonable playing level (with the knob in the "low power" position.  Even if I push the knob in, I have to turn it up much more than I normally would, so the issue isn't limited to the volume knob being in the pulled out position.

It's almost as if something in the amp gets "stuck" when whatever analog components are switched over when the HD500 presets are changed.  This issue isn't limited to certain presets, either, as it seems to just happen randomly.  Occasionally switching presets will cause the output to go dead silent, and again it takes a power cycle (or two) of the amp to get things back.

I've had the HD500 and the DT50 for nearly two years now, and it's had this issue all along.  Now that I'm starting to play outside of the bedroom more, it's quickly becoming much more of a nuisance.  I know I should have probably immediatly returned the amp or taken it in for service while it was under warranty, but I never did obviously.  I guess I kept hoping that a future firmware update (both the DT50 and the HD500 are both loaded with the latest firmware, by the way), but now I guess I'm stuck with it.

Anyway, has anyone else experienced similar issues?  I did do a search on here, but didn't find anything like what I'm experiencing...

Re: Inconsistent volume/volume drop with DT50 and HD500 combo
by triesel on 2012-11-30 10:39:48

I've got the same issue with my hd500 and dt50 Head.

I tested new tubes, other cables and the latest Firmware on both, but the problem persists.

Re: Inconsistent volume/volume drop with DT50 and HD500 combo
by BluesPlayer76 on 2013-02-28 00:19:49

It just happened to me tonight during band practice.  we'd been playing like 3 hours, had one last tune to do, and hit a preset and the volume went down to nothing.  Turned the HD500 on/off  no change.  Took the HD500 out of the loop and direct into the amp. No change.  I was thinking a tube went bad and was looking at the back of the head when the feedback came screaming out of the front.

This is disconcerting as I have gigs coming up....

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