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Pod HD500 no sound
by UnholyWorm on 2012-12-02 22:09:19


I've been using the pod for quite a while now and everything was great, but after the new patch came up some of my presets started to get the message "This patch overloads the DSP on the POD HD500 and was not sent to the device." even though I could still play it. Lately the sound shuts off after playing for a couple of minutes, the other tones also don't seem to work. I've updated it and tried rebooting it but there's still no sound. Any clue what has happened and what can I do to fix this?

Re: Pod HD500 no sound
by silverhead on 2012-12-03 04:58:29

First thing I would do is use HD500 Edit to back up your presets/setlists.

Then reinstall the latest firmware, choosing to replace the existing presets. This will guarantee that you have a compatible set of factory presets in the HD500. This should avoid any DSP overload, and should allow you to use the device normally. Once you are satisfied that the device is working properly, try reloading your saved presets/setlists one at a time. Any presets that generate the error message should be edited to remove some of the excess DSP requirement.

Re: Pod HD500 no sound
by UnholyWorm on 2012-12-03 19:50:58

Thanks, that seemed to solve the problem, everything works now!

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