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Slash tone?
by J200george on 2012-12-03 19:05:54

Hi guys just got myself a spider jam and fbv expresss.

I am still working my way through the functions, sounds and tracks and have a couple of questions.

1) is there a tone in the user, style or artist that mimics slash?

2) is there a Rolling Stones satisfaction tone?

3) can I upload new tones using the sd card?

4) why is spider jam not listed by line 6 in their compatibility chart for pedals?

5) is there a written list of tones and tracks anywhere? Ideally the chords on the tracks would be a good help but see these are not available.

Lovin the jam but getting a little bit frustrated trying to do seamless loops I must take the time to read the manual more closely or source a video guide.

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Slash tone?
by Nookage on 2012-12-05 22:18:50

Hi J200George

I have same gear. Seamless loops should be easy with FBV Express in Jam Control mode - start/stop with foot. Practice makes perfect.

Here's my suggested answers to your questions:

1) For Slash, find "311" in Artist bank. 311 has a tone "MIT LEAD". Modify this with some extra reverb and/or sweep, use neck pickup only, and turn pickup tone knob way down. Works for me! Save it as a user tone.

2) Dunno. No satisfaction here.

3) Can't upload new tones. All must be created. But on this site you can view the dial settings other users have come up with to get new tones.

4) Was confused myself. Most of the pedals do for other amps what the Spiderjam itself does on its own, so are incompatable with it. That leaves only the Shortboard and FBV Express, I think. All other functions are covered.

5) I don't believe there's a written list of tones or tracks. The chords used in the tracks follow very simple, standard progressions, and I'm sure you'll pick them up after you get familiar. I mean, it even tells you what key the music is in, right on the display.

Read that manual, and make some music!

Re: Slash tone?
by RLOW on 2012-12-06 19:57:41

For seamless looping I usually record a riff/ melody over one of the preset drum patterns. Comes out right on time.

You can then press INPUTS button and lower the playback level of the drums to isolate your guitar. However, if you save, the drums are in the recording.

I have a few lists I found of Spider Jam presets. Trying to use advanced editor to upload them but it doesn't work.

If interested perhaps through e-mail.

Re: Slash tone?
by J200george on 2012-12-07 08:17:25

Thanks Both! I will try this tonight.

Must spend some time working through the menus and functions, I am a little frustrated. If I play one of the Songs in the spider jam (and the amp sets the tone that amp thinks is optimal for the song) and then select a user preset on the FBV pedal I cant get back to that tone (preset for the song) from my the FBV express II. Anyway, despite a few niggles and limitiations I am loving the amp so far.

Thanks once more for your responses.

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