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Possible earthing problem.
by animastereo on 2012-12-04 22:46:58

Hi all.

I'm playing a cheap strat that I'm currently getting done up - but I know its very single coil noisy.  I think it also has an earthing problem.

HOWEVER - when I touch the metal bar on the pod he noise goes way.  When I touch the strings of the guitar - it doesn't...  Turning the volume on the guitar right down also silences it.

Is it the pod or guitar????!


Re: Possible earthing problem.
by toneman2121 on 2012-12-05 00:51:17

process of elimination. try: another guitar, guitar cord, outlet (make sure the outlets are grounded). you can get a tester for a few bucks.

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by animastereo on 2012-12-05 04:22:34

Thanks dude.

I shoulda pointed out that I'm in a hotel for a week so have one guitar cable etc.  I just want to check this in case I've gotto return the HD before I go home.

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by hurghanico on 2012-12-05 05:16:35

it's your guitar and cable that's picking the noise, otherwise your pod alone would be noisy even with nothing connected to it

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by animastereo on 2012-12-05 06:08:28

Thanks for that.

It's a cheap guitar that now sounds great due to the new tonerider pups but is noisy as frick.  It needs a bit more work so I'll get it shielded.

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by jooshy58 on 2012-12-05 06:49:26

this might sound crazy but if you get a metal wire or guitar string and wrap one end on the tone or volume pot itself  then have the other end touch the ground it should get rid of your noise. but pin or hold down the wire to the ground with your foot or somthing

start at to 3:01 try it out

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by jimsreynolds on 2012-12-05 10:54:10

Start with the guitar lead unplugged from the pod and check the noise level.

Now plug in the lead to the guitar and pod and turn up the volume.  Note the (presumably) increased noise level.

Now turn the volume all the way down.  Still noisy?  If so, it is probably a duff lead.

If not, turn the guitar back up.  Does it make a difference to the noise level if you are touching the strings or not?  If not, the bridge is probably not earthed and therefore neither are the strings.  The cable may be loose or non-existent.   You should sort this out but in the interrim, something  between the output socket plate and bridge (paper clip, wire strip, taped coin) should provide the necessary earth.

Really though ... you need to provide shielding for the guitar cavity.  If the the guitar is cheap then there is likely none.   There is lots that can be done around a shielded scratchplate and cavity to reduce noise.,  

There is a comprehensive guide to shielding here that you can cherry-pick stuff from.   How much of it you do depends on how bad the noise is and how quickly you lose the will to live!


Trymoving the pod elsewhere in the room .  Local sockets, dimmers, striplights, AC units and similar can create noise too.  Also, remove the USB cable if connected.  Re-route any power and headphone cables too.

Noise ... love it !

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by jimsreynolds on 2012-12-05 11:02:03

BTW ... one of the reasons (theories?) I heard why noise reduces when people touch the strings or another grounded metal object is that they are actually grounding themselves.   Humans apparently can act as a focus for EMF noise in the environment and therefore become a noise generator!  Try plugging in the guitar and then moving away from it.  Quieter?  In this case shielding the cavity may well be helpful.

Re: Possible earthing problem.
by animastereo on 2012-12-05 14:00:50

I've actually ordered that shielding kit for my Warmoth Strat that I'm putting together - so thanks again.

I'm not worried about the noise at the moment - if I put my toe on the HD it goes.  I just wanted to be sure I didn't have to return it before I went home.


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