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Pod HD Desktop and GR-55
by rychester63 on 2012-12-07 06:27:18

I would like to know if anyone can figure out how to run this setup. I am not fond of the guitar tones in the GR-55, but have my HD Desktop tones for live setup already tweaked to my taste using a Tech 21 Power Engine. I have the MK11 for control of the HD Desktop and a midibuddy rfx floorboard controller for the GR-55. I also know that this would be a lot easier if I had the HD-500 because of the midi in and out, but it is what it is.

Re: Pod HD Desktop and GR-55
by jimsreynolds on 2012-12-07 07:40:21

What is it that you are trying to do?  Is it about changing a patch on one unit and having a patch then come up on the other?

I cannot see a way to directly control the GR from the Pod (or vice versa) if you have an HD Desktop but I wonder if you could do something with a laotop in the mix also. 

The FBV seems capable of sending MIDI messages via a laptop to software.  What I am not clear about is how you could then route those messages through to another device (such as a GR55).  It looks like the GR55 has some degree of support for USB over MIDI so it may well be that you can find a way of routing patch change messages from the FBV, via the FBV Control application to the GR55.   If you already have all the gear I would experiment with that.  It may or may not be possible.  Using a Laptop between is a hassle (and a point of failure) but that seems to be the extent of your options AFAIK.

Otherwise, as you say, the easiest route is to replace the HD Desktop/FBV with an HD500.

Re: Pod HD Desktop and GR-55
by rychester63 on 2012-12-08 02:43:57

I think I might have figured it out. I will try this today. I am using the GK-3A pickup for the GR-55 which has  a  3 way switch on it for the GK, mix, or just guitar, Use a guitar cable from guitar to HD Desktop, 16 pin midi from the GK-3A for the GR-55, combine both outputs before the amp. Granted this would be a lot of thinking ahead of what tones you would need called up on each unit before starting the song but worth a try.

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