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default setting value when using an expression pedal
by benjam82 on 2012-12-07 10:07:40


This is a small problem I have!

When I select a preset with an effect controled by an expresion pedal, I can choose The Maximum Value and the Minimum value controled by the expression pedal. for exemple the mix of a reverb. I choose 0 for minimum value pedal up, and 100 for maximum value pedal down. The probleme is when I select the preset, the defaut value, before using the expression pedal, is the same of the maximum value pedal down. I would like to choose an other value for the time before using the expression pedal! but I can not!

For exemple, when I use the pitch like a whammy pedal, when I active the preset with this effect, the sound is already pitched. I would like to have this normal before!

Can you confirme me there is no solution! and if there is not, I would ask line 6 to think seriously to add this option in the next firmware update!!!!!!!!!!

Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by phil_m on 2012-12-07 10:35:03

The value of the parameter you have controlled by the expression pedal corresponds to whatever position the expression pedal is in when you bring up the preset. So, if you have a parameter set that the value at the toe position is 100%, that parameter will be at 100% if you go to that preset with expression pedal in the toe position. There's not really a default value.

I doubt that this behavior is something that Line 6 will change since this is consistent with how all of its products work with expression pedals, but you could request it. I know there are some units on the market that actually have a default setting for the effect, and then that parameter doesn't change at all until the pedal is moved while the effect is active. To me, though, the Line 6 way makes more sense, especially considering the fact that you can control as many parameters with the expression pedal as you want.

Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by mazuwa on 2012-12-07 10:35:35

When turning on the pedal, the value immediately reads its position and changes to its value. There is no sleeping.

There are two possibilities to have it at value zero after effect activation, but first there is to say that when the effect (e. g. pitch ) is deactivated it won't pitch.

- If you turn on / activate the effect with the toe switch, the maximum value must be set to 0 and the minimum for pitch change (e.g. pitch = +3).

- You can have your minimum at 0 and maximum at pitch change (e.g. +3), but before activating the pedal you must be sure to have the pedal at 0 position (position up), and of course the trigger here must be one of FS1-FS8.

Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by benjam82 on 2012-12-07 11:05:43

Ok thanks!

but you both answers confirm that their is no solution corresponding as what I'm looking for! I would like to activated the pith, without anymore button then the expression pedal (no exeption for the toe switch, but you have to know that I have a FCB1010 controler so I don't have any toe switch on the expression pedal but I don't need it) of to us only one preset and actived juste one effect and firstly prepare the expression pedal up!!!

When you use a controler with any software like ableton live or other, you can control anything you want in a plugin with a controler an save the default value you want for anything and change it as you like with the controler! What I want is just the same with the Pod HD. I think that the hardware of the POD can do it easily! they just have to permit it with the POD firmware!!

What do you think of this?



Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by mazuwa on 2012-12-08 11:41:16

You are right. It could be done easily. You already have this with the amp knobs, e.g. with the drive knob.

Lets suppose the saved patch has got a drive value of e.g. 20%. Now turn the drive to maximum = 100%, and the drive will change temporarily to 100%.

After recalling the patch, the drive value has been reset again to 20%, although the hardware drive knob still shows 100%.

The moment you turn the drive knob again it will change again to its current position temporarily.

My opinion is, some would prefer this behavior, others would like how it is now.

There is a solution, to ask for this behavior on the SETUP page.

Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by benjam82 on 2012-12-08 15:52:37


ok! I agree with you! Do you think that the Line6 staff read every thread in that community and make reports to the managers for the most important things they read or not?

If not, i'll send an email to explain the problem!

Re: default setting value when using an expression pedal
by mazuwa on 2012-12-09 02:48:31

No, Line6 will only read threads when they are marked as a question. But this forum is meant for HD discussion and solving problems.

For product ideas you better use this link:


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