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DreamStage -Setting levels & L6 Link 31 band EQ presets
by groovedggr on 2012-12-08 12:57:12

I recently purchased  2 L3m's and 2 L3s' subs and L6 link cables to go with my previous purchase of M20d mixer.

I also have the IPAD2 wifi connected.

The M20d mixer doesn't appear to have a seperate volume control knob for sub.

What is the best level for the sub volume?

Should the control knob levels on the rear of the L3s speakers match the knob levels on the rear of L3m's?

I will be recording to SD card - including mains and will use IPAD2 to soundcheck and tweak on mic-stand while performing

Is there is a recommended level to use as a starting point on the M20d mains volume.

This of course will also effect how much to turn up on the knob at the rear of the powered speakers.

Is there a recommended ht for L3m?

Should I set the L3m's on top of the L3s speakers- or use my old stands to get them up in air?

Are the Line 6 sub long poles (25") only recommended when sub is on it's side?

The 6" poles don't appear to raise the height anyway, so I'm assuming L3m on top of L3s is the recommended height - even though most other sound forums recommend putting the bottom of top speaker around 5-6 feet up. I couldn't purchase LINE 6 long poles yet, but I will if needed.

I was able to Load some presets on the mains using 31 band EQ with L6 Link cable and looks like this is going to be easy to get a great sound.

Appreciate your help.

Re: DreamStage -Setting levels & L6 Link 31 band EQ presets
by ArneLine6 on 2012-12-08 17:46:34

The best starting point is to have all level controls on all speakers at default. The "0" center position. The system is pre tuned so that a combination of the same amount of L3's Subs and L3m's has a balanced sound when they are at "0" center position.

In your situation we would recommend to check the level for your audience at your soundcheck by using the iPad on going in front of the PA and that is the recommended level.

The speakers center should be at least a bit higher than a tall person in order to cover the audience well. If the L3s speakers are on stage or somehow higher than the floor the L3m's could be directly on the L3s's. If the L3's are on the floor you might need the long poles or speaker stands to get them high enough. You can, of course, use your speaker stands.

Re: DreamStage -Setting levels & L6 Link 31 band EQ presets
by dboomer on 2012-12-09 10:13:08

Right!  When the speaker controls are set to the detent "click" stop then the entire system is calibrated and all of the gain staging is correct.  That way the meters on your mixer actually correspond to the capabilities of your speakers. So when the mixer goes into the "red" the speakers are there too.  That prevents the problem that can happen on other systems that you can blow up speakers while the meters on your mixer are still green.  You know actually know where the hard limit for the system is.

Now control any "tone" or "level" you want from the mixer (either on the chennel level or the bus level, whichever is appropriate).  For example if you want more bass then turn up the bass control for the channels you want or make adjustments to the equalizers on the main or monitor output channels.

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