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UX1 and Live 8 - driver error compensation
by soma576 on 2012-12-09 11:49:08

Hey all,

I have a UX1, Ableton Live 8 Suite, and an HP Win7 64 desktop computer.

Ableton has, in the audio preferences, a way to set your driver error compensation to keep you in time when recording live.  There is a live set you can download that is set up to play a tom hit from track one to track 2, going from the interface output to its input.  Basically recording itself so you can measure the delay in milliseconds.

I can't figure out how to run a cord from the output to an input that will give me a hot enough signal to see in track 2 (the receiving track).  It shows up as a tiny blip waveform when it should, according to the instructions, create a waveform just like the original tom hit.

I'm trying to use an instrument cord to go from the analog out (speaker out) to the instrument input.  I have the output volume on the UX1 turned out almost all the way and I can't get a good signal.

Who has done this before and what method did you use?  Do I need a different cord?  Use different input/output jacks?  I tried many combinations and nothing working.



Re: UX1 and Live 8 - driver error compensation
by hulbert on 2012-12-10 02:17:31


   Yes, the analogue outs have a different level/impedance than the instrument input. The analogue outs  should work by taking the analogue outs to the line in on the ux1. I think the ux1's output is line level or round abouts, so it should be ok to do this (as long as you keep the sound off of the track it is returned to . Not sure how strong the signal will be - if it will get reduced a bit (maybe you've already tried this and not got the desired level) If you want to put it into the instrument or mic input, you could output the sound to another device like a mixer or convertor or D.I. Box, and use this to change this to either mic level  or instrument level, and then run a wire from this to the matching input i.e. mic level to mic in or instrument level to instrument input of the ux1.

I haven't got a ux1 and also haven't tried looping the signal back. Hope it goes well.

God Bless,


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