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hooking ux1 to mixers/other interfaces
by derekedwards on 2012-12-11 10:06:37

I am using a ux1 with fl studio to record and sequence, and pro tools 10 hd to mix and master. Im looking to hook a mixer up to get more options and more inputs for recording. so i have a few questions.

first off, if i hook up a mixer, how would i run it? from the computer to the pod to the mixer? and if so, would i lose sound quality?

second, if i have a mixer with an interface like presonus ect, and i hook it directly to the computer(for use recording in pro tools, as i cant use the ux1 in pro tools because its not compatable.) will i still be able to use my pod farm that i got with the ux1? and if not, couldnt i use the mixer directly to the computer, and from the mixer to the pod, and the pod to the instrument?

im looking to get a more professional set up, and more input/mixing options without losing any sound quality. i could easily buy a new interface, but i dont want to repurchase pod farm to do so, and it would be alot better for me to be able to buy a non interfaced powered mixer and run it through the pod to the computer without losing any sound quality.

thanks in advance.


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