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Variax Electric 700 tremolo problems... Can anyone help?
by Spiderplayer7 on 2012-12-13 05:31:00

So I've had a black Variax 700 since new - played it for a while with a Pod X3L and then started playing in a roots band and ended up playing my old Tele through a Twin, so stored the Variax in the attic for some years.

Now I'm playing in a church worship band and need access to lots of different sounds acoustic and electric so I've bought an HD500 and went into the attic and found the Variax, polished the frets, changed the strings, hooked it up to the HD500 via VDI...

And I'm really blown away by the sounds I can get, especially using the HD500 to control the Variax - just so flexible, and I only need to bring one guitar and the HD500 as opposed to before when I had 2 rigs, one electric, one acoustic. Also, I'm really amazed by the quality of the Variax - I have owned and played lots of guitars over 35 years including Fenders, Gibsons, PRSs etc. and I'm really loving the feel, action, neck, size, weight etc. of the 700 - compares to any of my other guitars, probably only my Parker Fly played better. Incidentally, I set up all my guitars and have built 4 Warmoth guitars, so I like to think I know a bit about the subject. BUT..

I'm having real problems with seating the trem arm of the Variax. I know how to set up a guitar (my favourite trem is the Callaham vintage strat-style trem which I have on two guitars). For some reason I can't get the trem arm to sit tightly in the socket, even with the grub screw screwed almost all the way in so that it takes real force to get the arm in and out of the socket. So at the moment the arm has a bit of 'play' before it moves the block and the strings. It's not a major problem and won't stop me using the guitar, but if anyone has a 700 and knows how to get around this one, I would be very grateful for some advice. I can't see why it was designed this way - what's wrong with a screw-in arm - if it ain't broke etc.

Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.

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